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Like big guns? Enjoy the smell of blood and metal? Then this is the gun for you!

Its big, its mean and your mother would approve!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgS1Nuchn5A
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SupermanDan 11 сер 2013 о 19:56 
I really appreciate you accepting my friend request! Also if you want I can make you a sign with the team dapper logo on it if you can get me a sign and a decal tool I'll hook you up!
CashMoneyDollars 7 лип 2011 о 18:12 
Best Hat Around
Backseatsman 10 тра 2011 о 7:57 
epic hat :D
fish 19 бер 2011 о 11:11 
nice job with the dapper topper, the best soldier hat ever
sandworms 17 сер 2009 о 19:11 
Good to see you've embraced your inner bro, broseph