mister champion hoodie dude
ur just mad lol
ESEA S27 IM scout/medic BOONK GANG 5-6 disbanded
ESEA S28 Open scout Jagermeister 13-2
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Scratchh: frkshw is just a cheater who still probably cheats

ShiningStar__: i like how that team has 2 pplayers thhat were banned for cheating

sibby: got banned in faceit then continued to play on his alt pretending like it wasn't him a week after

maelstrahm: once a cheater, always a cheater

fygg: once a cheater always a cheater
fygg: gl being stuck in open forever
fygg left the game. (Disconnected by user.)

FrickMyNick: Get on the FrkShw cam, we gotta see these walls at work

once a cheater always a cheater
also kinda a dickhead too

dot_: spades slick would like me to let all of u know that he is gay

Saila: bitch why u cheat

della: thought u bitched out after cheating lmfao

Pete: he went from sub 170 dpm to 350+ in ESEA

-proto: hahaha knew this guy was fishy mgeing against him a few months ago, just figured he was a weeb scout that could only mge

Syntax: i 100% agree, once a cheater always a fucking cheater.
perfection 7 hours ago 
bro imagine if any of those people who think you still cheat were good at the game
yay Jul 9 @ 2:03pm 
look down. xd
lizarbwai Jun 28 @ 9:56am 
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yay Jun 14 @ 11:32am 
hax lmao
lyinx2b May 28 @ 10:55am 
phillip Feb 7 @ 7:19am 
rachel doesnt have the full package :/