tw oyob
Florida, United States
I've moved entirely to Discord. This account is only for gaming and or Steam related matters, such as trading.
To contact me, please message me on Discord. []
Thank you.


I love this one.

My theme.
Apple 18 hours ago 
Added for giveaway
Vladimir the Fancy Gentelman May 18 @ 11:11pm 
Hey. I got a offer from you for my Apparition's Aspect and theres a was a sigh items no longer avialble for trade. It probably means i didnt answer fast enough. So...if you still wanna buy it send an offer.
prolod May 18 @ 1:34am 
Offer sent, pls respond fast
Josh_Emo_Teen :))) May 3 @ 4:51am 
thank you so much for the free robot parts :)
Not what I’m looking for
§NG | Noelle Apr 21 @ 1:38am