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Leave only keypresses, take only screenshots.

rhubarbarmy [] on Flickr, because I love screenshots in real life too.

@greubens on twitter. Someday I might author my first tweet.

Fries is pronounced "Freeze" -- as in Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries in Batman.

Friesland is a province in the Netherlands (and East Friesland in Germany), and it is where my last name comes from. Their flag is full of hearts! OK, so they are actually more like lillypads -- but they look a bit like hearts. See the flag here [] . Or play as The Frisian Kingdom in Civ 5 with the Workshop mod here . You can also see where Friesland is in this screenshot of Europa Universalis IV here . And finally, Cross of the Dutchman is a game set in Frisia!
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Friesland - The flag of the Frisian empire
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