Gøbi 10月
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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.
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Team Fortress 2
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:spherical: College student
:spherical: I clean my friendlist sometimes so sorry if I remove you
:spherical: Feel free to add me If you want to play or chat
:spherical: Send me music pls
:spherical: https://discord.gg/7fgbY6D - My discord

:spherical: INTJ [www.16personalities.com] - Personality test
:spherical: UGC [www.ugcleague.com] - Pyro & Med main
:spherical: Gobi#0662 on Discord

Favourite games
:necroheart: Team Fortress 2
:necroheart: League of Legends
:necroheart: Don't Starve together (I don't really play it anymore though)

Favourite bands
:necroheart: Radiohead DEAD AIR SPACE [www.radiohead.com]
:necroheart: Gorillaz
:necroheart: My Chemical Romance
:necroheart: Queens of the Stone Age

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when your team is moved up to plat

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Unicorndino Oct 13 @ 9:14pm 
what did you do with my daddy
wile ✿ Oct 13 @ 7:28pm 
please stop impersonating me................
poppy Oct 13 @ 5:00pm 
( •ω• )づ__∧
(つ  /( •ω•。)
しーJ (nnノ) pat pat
Gøbi 10月 Oct 10 @ 2:06pm 
ⒶngeC Oct 10 @ 1:57pm 
hey, in italy it's 11 pm. i'll tell you the music tomorrow morning cuz i'm tired. cya boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Gøbi 10月 Oct 10 @ 1:42pm 
my ears are wide open