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I have tried several different combinations and I can't get anything to work without issues. I can export assets from Unity as an .fbx and import into Maquette and it looks good until I save the Maquette project. Saving the project makes all the textures disappear and any export from Maquette will be missing textures or the complete mesh. The .glb file that Unity exports cannot be opened in Maquette or 3D Viewer. I have had the most luck with exporting from Unity into .fbx, opening that up in 3D Viewer, saving as .glb, and importing that into Maquette. The .glb file is loadable in Maquette but the colors are super washed out, pale pastel and barely noticeable. The good news is exporting from that model to .glb, .fbx, or .gltf appears to preserve the original texture, but the washed out colors in Maquette are a non-starter. Is this something that is going to be worked on?
May 10 @ 10:16pm
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+1 I don't know how many times I have been trying to "swim" through the scene and accidentally moved something big.
I imported several fbx files and included their textures in the same folder. They look fine when I save, but opening the scene again shows the objects with no texture. Adding the same object again shows the texture but the original object is still blank.
May 6 @ 9:45pm
In topic [Bug] imported .fbx is "un-grabbable"
I just imported an .fbx from Blender. Instead of using a texture, I setup 4 material slots and assigned different faces to each material. When I import it, it looks great. In non-editable mode all of the colors show up. However, once I place the model, I can no longer grab the model to move it. The only face that allows me to grab it is the one face that happens to be blue. I think that is just a coincidence though. It was the second to last material index if that matters. THe model is just a unity cube with the top face assigned to a material index and color of blue. I can provide the model if it helps. The editable model is easily grabbed from all four sides.
I just imported an .fbx that was exported from Unity using the .fbx exporter and it worked wonderfully. The texture was found and everything. One issue was that both in editable and non-editable import modes, the model showed completely black until I placed it in the world and scaled it up a little bit. Is this a known bug?
Apr 17 @ 10:42am
In topic Assets from examples
apparently there is an image folder and if you drop in some .png images with transparency then you can pull them in as sprites and they look absolutely amazing! Duh. Is this written down somewhere and I am just slow? I should have figured it out sooner, because of the objects folder, but I think I saw that somewhere in the forums. It would still be great to get more information on the other shapes and when things are sprites and when they are geometry. The underlines are still confusing me.
Apr 17 @ 10:19am
In topic Assets from examples
Crud. I took a bunch of screenshots using the camera tool in maquette, but I can't figure out how to share them in the discussion. I will do my best to describe it here. There seems to be a lot of sprite objects used as "panel backgrounds" for lack of a better word. The ones I noticed are the black backgrounds to the text in both the "desktop" viewpoint in the house and the opening scene of the malaria project. There is white text on black background and the black background looks like a black sprite. Also the rings around the points of interest in the mammoth demo. I pulled it a part and it looks like a circle sprite with some kind of gradient in the middle. Lastly, the "share" icons in the timeline demo, i.e. the facebook, instagram, snapchat etc. icons are all together and not editable. It looks like it might be a sprite with transparency. Same with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation logos. How is the best way to get those kinds of textures/sprites into Maquette? I imported some .fbx models from blender and it doesn't look like texture is preserved so I assume I can't just texture a plane and import. I do really like the clone tool and how I could just clone and save to library interesting hierarchies etc. It would be nice to be able to build the same kind of stuff from scratch. Also, it was really frustrating to pull apart the day object in the timeline. I noticed that if the object is selected before grabbing it you don't get the resize arrows. Also I kept grabbing the text and background and yet when I selected them they didn't show as grouped. I assume they were in the same plane and so selecting with the selection sphere always grabbed both, but technically they weren't grouped etc. It would be nice to get a visual indicator that there are two pieces in the same plane, or push them apart or something that would make it easier to separate them. I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure it out. On a side not, that swim navigation idea is brilliant! I am in the office and don't have as much space as at home and it was great to shrink everything done and "swim" over to where I needed to go :).
Apr 16 @ 7:10am
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I was going through some of the examples to see how the callouts with background were made and noticed some assets that I can't find in the library. How is the black background made? Is it just a two sided plane? What about the underline? I thought it was from the 2d hololens or maquette assets but that one is much fatter. Also, can we get the dot pattern that is under some of the objects on the desk in the house demo? I guess there is a way to copy assets from one project into another so I could do that, I was just interested in what was used to build up the cool looking assets in the demos.
Apr 15 @ 2:18pm
In topic Importing several objects in same .fbx
ahhh. That works! I didn't understand what the editable box meant and even then and didn't realize that my object was no longer selected so the ungroup wasn't available. It works like I would expect now. Really cool. Any advice on dealing with different coordinate spaces between Blender, Maquette and Unity? I think ultimately, I want all of the faces with local axis aligned to their current orientation. That way I can move everything along their normal and get that exploded effect. Also, I would be able to reset the transform and get back to the original shape. I noticed that the prefab created for Unity has parent object for each piece but both the parent and the individual meshes have transforms and I can't figure out how those are created. It would help to understand what transforms are applied when importing and exporting objects. Then I might be able to figure out how to make the model in Blender so I have more control over alignments etc.
Apr 14 @ 10:49pm
In topic Importing several objects in same .fbx
I have a complex object (a truncated icosohedron) that I have split into multiple objects, one for each face and each face has thickness. I want to be able to move each face individually like an exploded view kind of effect. I made the whole thing in Blender. I can export as an .fbx into maquette and place the object and scale it as a whole but I can't do anything with the individual objects. I can export from maquette into Unity and the prefab has each object separated and nested so I can translate each object individually like I want. My issue, is why aren't the objects showing up seperately in maquette? Is there no support for multiple objects in the same .fbx. I would try and export each face as a separate object, but it would be a nightmare trying to get them all aligned again etc. My ideal solution would be to have Maquette import a collection of objects in the same .fbx as a group and then let me ungroup them and translate them separately. It would be great to add some kind of transform widget that lets you translate along local or global axis etc. as well. Is there anything planned like this?
Apr 13 @ 10:22pm
In topic I realize this is VR but...
@Pte Jack This isn't a stupid request at all. Many Steam VR apps have can have a 2d slate view and a VR view in the same app. I could see where a multi-modal app would be really helpful. VR setup works for many things but you might want a three window orthographic setup for precise positioning and layout etc. Also, you may have noticed that a lot of functions will try and and interact with the desktop like popping up the explorer but requires you to exit the program to see what is going on. This might be easier with a multi-modal app. I think you should add it as a request.
Aug 28, 2018 @ 11:57pm
In topic 3440x1440 does not fit screen
It looks like it's an issue with your anchors for "Continue" and the stretching for the fate and danger meters. Some screens work fine but the story intro. and gameplay screens are the most noticeable.
Jun 18, 2018 @ 11:21pm
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I'm using the samsung odyssey and am having trouble throwing knives. Is there a trick? Most of them end up in the floor a few feet in front of me.
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