Game, Sets & Match (Medium Sets)
How to Use the Bot
General Trading Rules: Read this before trading!
The bot sells complete sets for your gems. Keys are not accepted. Each set is 1,000 gems.

The bot determines automatically all badges you have not fully crafted yet and suggests them to you in a trade offer. It does not take into account complete sets in your inventory. To avoid duplicate sets, make sure you have crafted all of your badges before using the bot.

You cannot sell back sets to the bot or ask the bot to reverse a trade. All trades are final. It is your responsibility to check if you like a trade before accepting it.

By using the bot, you agree to these trading rules.

How to Use

You can enter chat commands or send Trade Offers to the bot

You need to be on my friend list to use this. Enter one of the following commands as chat messages.

A. Chat Commands

!check - Checks how many sets you can buy for reaching maximum badge level 5

!checkone - Checks how many sets you can buy for crafting the first badge level. Each set will grant you a new badge and increase your badge count by 1

!prices - Shows the current rates

!buygems (amount_of_sets) - Buy cardsets you still need for crafting badge level 5

!buyonegems (amount_of_sets) - Only buy cardsets you have not crafted a badge yet. Use this if you are a badge collector

!buyanygems (amount_of_sets) - Buy arbitrary sets you may of may not have fully crafted a badge yet without limit. Only use with care. You will most likely end up with sets you cannot use for crafting badges

!commands - Show all commands

B. Chat Command Options

Append one or more of the following options to your check or buy commands to tell me more precisely which sets you want to buy.

m - Marketable Sets only

nm - Non-Marketable Sets only

<appid> - only buy sets of the given <appid> (i.e. of a specific game)

L<x> - Only buy sets you still need for crafting badge level <x>. L1 buys up to level 1 and is therefore the same as !checkone / !buyonegems. L5 buy up to level 5 and is therefore the same as !check / !buygems command without options. You can however also use intermediate levels L2 / L3 / L4 to buy sets you need for crafting badge level 2 / 3 / 4

cps10+ / cps8- / cps6-11 - "Cards per Set": only buy sets having 10 or more / 8 or less or between 6 and 11 cards per set. Works with other cards numbers as well

Use these options with care as they may rule out many sets you still need for crafting badges


!buygems 5 nm,L2,cps12+ will buy 5 non-marketable sets you still need for crafting badge level 2 having 12 or more cards

Trade Offers
Use this Trade Link to send me a trade about the sets you want. Make sure you include only complete normal sets on my side and the exact amount of gems in form of gems or sack of gems on your side. Everything else will be rejected including donations or overpay in gems. You do not need to be on my friend list for sending me a trade offer.
zehxiy Dec 29, 2022 @ 1:45am 
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