Oslo, Norway
You are travelling along a road, your destination is the village of truths. You come to a forking in the road, one way leads to the village where they speak the truth, one to the village where they only tell lies. In the middle of the forking, there is a man, he is from either of the villages, you don't know which. You may ask this man ONE question, and this question must lead you to the village of truth.
(It's a town of lies, not trickery.)
A lonely man is sitting in a house by the edge of the sea, outside it's a dark and stormy night. The man is listening to a radio, halfway asleep in his chair. Suddenly he jumps out of the chair in shock, runs upstairs and turns all the lights on. After that, he hangs himself.
Why did he do this?
(Create the scenario and solve)

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