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POWER Apr 8 @ 9:58am 
that indeed is my review :lin:
Ul7r4In57inc7GGPr0H4x0rzzz Apr 2 @ 7:01pm 
+rep good trader. i bought his marble and ice karmbit fade. very knowledgeable and he went first, definitely doing business with you again my friend. :greenbeast1:
yfw Feb 10 @ 12:02am 
As Cole spawned into bhop_fur, he marveled at the sight before him. He saw luscious green landscapes adorned with colorful flowers and cascading waterfalls. Creatures resembling unicorns with wings fluttered overhead, scattering magical dust as they went. Determined to reach Wawa, Cole initiated his bhopping journey.
He gracefully hopped from one floating platform to another, gaining speed and momentum with each jump. Occasionally, he encountered magical orbs that provided an additional boost, allowing him to soar through the air with unmatched agility. The map seemed to respond to his every move, shifting and transforming to present new challenges along the way.
Cole encountered various fantastical obstacles during his voyage. He gracefully dodged fire-breathing dragons who guarded the borders of the map and skillfully evaded carnivorous plants lurking in dense jungles. The bhop_fur map seemed alive, as if it had a personality of its own, testing Cole's abilities at every turn.
yfw Feb 10 @ 12:01am 
Once upon a time in the virtual world of Counter-Strike, there was a skilled player by the name of Cole. Known for his exceptional bhopping abilities, Cole was a
master at effortlessly maneuvering through maps in a manner that seemed to defy gravity. He had conquered various challenging bhop maps, but this time, he had set his sights on an unconventional and innovative bhop map called bhop_fur.
Bhop_fur was unlike any other map Cole had encountered before. It was a whimsical realm filled with vibrant colors, floating platforms, and mystical creatures. The objective was to navigate through this enchanted land and reach the mystical Wawa store, where everyone's deepest desires could be fulfilled.
yfw Feb 9 @ 11:40pm 
this bitxhes ♥♥♥♥♥ is loud ts reek