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Sep 13 @ 7:29pm
In topic Feint is ♥♥♥♥ed
Commit to your attacks on someone who's overusing feint, if they parry they've wasted stamina regardless and you'll eventually disarm them. If they don't parry, you've hit them.
Either way, they lose.
Feints are a tool to be used with proper timing and reservation, if you just use them constantly you're losing tons of stamina in exchange for potentially killing newer players that don't understand how feints work yet, but as soon as an even halfway decent player comes along and knows how feints work, you're dead.
Or you can just commit to your attack when you see a guy overusing feint, and kill him easily because he doesn't know how to actually time his attacks and feints, space, physically dodge, etc.
Even if he parries, he's wasting tons of stamina per feint and parry and you'll just disarm him after a few attacks.
Sep 11 @ 10:31am
In topic Lana's Sewer
They're broken with an issue that appears for certain people where they're straight up invincible. Others report being able to easily kill them within seconds, while others like myself can waste 10+ minutes dumping literally thousands of rounds of ammo into a single one without ever letting a shaman touch it and not be able to kill it.

They simply need to find and squash the bug that's causing it.
Originally posted by Slavic Fedora:
I'd like to consider myself relatively unbiased despite me maining it. I don't think the zwei is underpowered, or deserving of a buff, I think it's probably one the most balanced weapons in the game. I was using that point to demonstrate that if it were to be changed, it would probably be buffed, rather than nerfed, apologies for any confusion. The breaking animations stuff that you brought up isn't really relevant, it's far more viable to do that with stuff like the eveningstar, bastard sword, or messer than the zweihander, I'm not entirely sure what you're going for here.
We'd all like to consider ourselves unbiased even in regards to things that we like to use, but regardless of how far you feel your viewpoint from an objective angle to be from your personal feelings towards said things, you will always have a bias.
I never really had an issue with fighting the zwei in standard combat, so I have less of a hateful bias against it, and I've never really used it so I never really had a loving bias for it, but I do still have some level of bias against it because it's something that I've seen a lot of scumbags use to try and cheap the game out be it with animation abuse or just swinging wildly and cashing in on people who don't fully grasp the game yet. It's unavoidable.

Zwei has speed and range unlike every other sword bar maybe the executioner's, most people try to stay out of range of the other guy, with anim breaking you can effectively hit swings and stabs that visually and logically shouldn't be connecting on top of whatever the max range of your weapon is, ergo you have ridiculous range and rather good speed to go with it.
It's relevant because that's likely part of the reason people still maintain their view that the Zwei is OP, just the same as people consider those other weapons you mentioned OP as well, it's because they're really good and can simply be made even better with animation abuse.

Another reason people likely still consider the Zwei OP is that during the first month of launch it gained a reputation along with the executioner's as "that huge sword that idiots cut their teammates' heads off with and newbies use for easy kills because it's OP and easy as hell to use" and once something gains a rep it never truly drops it no matter what changes.
"I main it and I think it's underpowered if anything"
See what this is, is an example of two incredibly biased sides clashing.
It's not underpowered, and it's not really that overpowered if you can be bothered to read attacks and feints properly.

Just like any other weapon, it's only really OP when a guy is abusing the animation system and the way the character moves physically with the camera to get hits he absolutely should have missed and such.

So in other words you're both wrong and the real issue is the fact that you can break the animation system to get bullcrap hits you shouldn't be getting.
Sep 5 @ 1:26pm
In topic Thoughts on HRG Weapons (BETA 1)
Testing them out in Solo HoE I think they're all actually pretty solid weapons, for Solo anyways.

If they had just said "hey we're losing money making this content guys, we're gonna have to tone the weapons down to this new HRG thing, what do you think about it" with no paid weapons I don't think people would be anywhere near as angry, especially after getting their hands on them.

I think they're all rather fun weapons to use as well, even the heal thrower which I thought would be straight trash because it's a healthrower.

If this is what we were going to have to stick with from here on out, I would have been fine with it so long as they didn't make any paid weaponry. Unfortunately, they screwed the pooch, so it's hard to really enjoy them.
Sep 5 @ 12:46pm
In topic So, the Ion thruster...
It's basically a bootleg lightsaber with a physical blade that gets superheated or whatever. Sort of like the shish-kebab from Fallout I suppose.
Sep 4 @ 3:37am
In topic Remove tea bagging
Cheese them with throwing knives, don't even bother to teabag them back or say anything to them, your silent retaliation will get them butthurt enough they'll either stop going after you, ragequit, or get tilted and become even easier to kill. Trolls are brittle, fickle creatures after all.

Originally posted by SeekNDestroy:
just call them a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in chat, come in with the most cancer rapier and shield class, spam stab them, then tbag them back and call them a noob. ez
Too easy to counter, probably won't work, also bannable I'm fairly certain in regards to the chat portion.
Explained in the title, it's a terrible feeling when you get DC'd out of your control by the game for no reason in the middle of a duel and now you're down an entire match's worth of MMR completely unfairly.

Add in a failsafe to keep ranked matches from being considered forfeited if you disconnect.
You mean the teamkills you can easily avoid getting and should only ever max out at like 3, MAYBE 4 per match even in Frontline?

Originally posted by The Whargoul:
the auto ban is pretty lame in Frontline, the game mode is too chaotic in the meat grinder and everyone(myself included) are too greedy for kills and run into swings accidentally.

7 kills was already too few, reducing it to 5 kills is just silly.
7 was too few? Sounds like you're overusing side swings and just chopping your teammates' heads off like a newblood. You also don't need to kill every guy on the enemy team, you should be focusing more on keeping the points clean of enemies in general rather than focusing on one dude who already has 4 teammates of yours around him.

If you get banned for teamkills it is literally just your fault, 100%, you have no one to blame but yourself and to do anything otherwise is just lying to yourself.
You're not a loyal player if you still don't know how to avoid killing teammates by accident, really, that's a fundamental that you learn about 5 minutes into your first TDM or Frontline match.
Sep 3 @ 10:27pm
In topic Whats going on with this game?
If you're not used to steam discussion boards for any game being a warzone then you must be new to using steam discussion boards, quite frankly.
Sep 3 @ 10:24pm
In topic short spear
If the weapon cannot combo strikes together it is indeed by design.
Take the warhammer for instance, it's rather strong on top of being incredibly fast, one handed and lightweight on points so to counteract it being too easily abused they simply made it not able to string together attacks like a regular weapon.
I don't recall short spears being incapable of combos, so I'd have to imagine that's something they probably changed more recently to help mitigate the sheer power that short spears have when you simply combo spam stabs.
Sep 3 @ 10:22pm
In topic How to balance a musket
Originally posted by Torag1000:
Muskets didn't exist in this time period, neither did bayonets. The invention of the bayonet is what ended the use of pikes, polearms, and spears, and eventually it became the usual weapon with the musket in the colonial era.

Hand cannons or arquebuses did though since we're going from Early, to High, to Late Middle Ages, along with the Renaissance periods accordingly to the arms and armor in this game.
The snaphance flintlock mechanism was created in 1550, however the rapier (the modern design featured in-game at the very least) was designed somewhere around the early 1500s and was used throughout the 16th century.

I don't believe it's too unfair to utilize anything present in the 16th century but only as a matter of consistency with what they've already been willing to bring in.

Also worth noting that the term musket has been around since around halfway through the 15th century, albeit this referred to a form of matchlock arquebus that was designed to punch through thicker armor rather than what people generally refer to as a musket.

You're definitely right about bayonets though, they only started existing around the early 17th century and as such can't be pinned under the same category as something like the rapier.

All that said, however, it's still a foolish idea to implement a firearm into a game so heavily centered around melee combat and which has made only a very tiny amount of room for archery based ranged mechanics.
Sep 2 @ 9:14pm
In topic How to balance a musket
While I think there are ways you could introduce firearms (which existed in the 13th century and existed in the more musket-like form of the arquebus during the 15th century which is actually during the late medieval period and thus more reasonable than the post-medieval 16th century rapier present in the game) to a medieval game, I think that doing so in this game would require extensive testing, balancing, rebalancing, and so on for a long time before it would be capable of being placed in the game and it might very well just be flat out impossible.

Say we give people the option of an arquebus and we make it as crap as an arquebus in real life, rather inaccurate but capable of one shotting through armor and traveling a much farther distance than a bow and arrow or a crossbow in a much smaller span of time and only arcing out after a rather long journey, and you have to place it on a fork and place the fuse back and light it and all, you'd still be ungodly powerful compared to everyone else on the battlefield.

It'd take a while to reload, sure, but if you're way off in the back and on a rampart or a ledge or something and hidden behind a rock that means nothing other than that you wouldn't be able to use it in close quarters, which you still can only just barely do with a crossbow or bow anyways, and only for 2 maybe 3 shots at most if you have the shortbow and already have a shot charging as they're closing the gap.

You'd be giving people a meme gun essentially. The only weapon in the game that can reliably one shot kill or absurdly cripple and weaken people with one shot even in 3/3/3 from that distance and level of safety.

The game is balanced and focused upon melee, archery is there because it's a medieval game and there's much less of a focus on it.
Everybody already either hates it or uses it because it's a meme or uses it because it's much easier than learning how to get the fundamentals of the melee combat down.

Add in even a humble arquebus and you'd throw the community into worse chaos than it's already in, you'd have people complaining it should one shot no matter what, you'd have people just silently using it because it's the closest to a standard FPS gun they'll get, you'd have people using it for the meme, you'd have people incorrectly denouncing firearms as not being medieval, you'd have people just complaining that it's poorly balanced, and you'd have so much more beyond that.

As it stands the game isn't balanced for having any firearms in it at all, and if you add one then everything would go sideways right quick if it wasn't absurdly thoroughly playtested to the stars and even then it'd probably still screw everything six ways 'till Sunday.

All this said, if the SDK is worth a crap then we should be able to have servers with firearm mods, and there's plenty of medieval historical geeks playing the game that I can assure you that there will be at least some servers that aren't like "AK-47S AND M4S WITH KNIGHTS AND CAVALRY WOOHOO" and are more reasonably just muskets and such.
I personally think they should do something like the battle royale/horde mode loadouts where you're restricted but can still choose from an assortment of "legal" items.

In terms of weapons I think the most logical thing to do would be make it longswords and maybe greatswords and bastard swords only that way it's an even spread of weapons that are all sort of middle of the road for their category, but armor should remain the same.

I also want a casual duels gamemode, where you could then play duels with whatever loadout you want without getting a high rank just because you know how to anim abuse the war axe and got lucky with people who couldn't fight back against it and crap.
Dodge + spear doesn't really require much skill at all actually. I'm not saying that you suck, or that you're even hard to kill, most things that don't require much skill are easy as hell to counter and I haven't had an issue with spears, short or standard, since I got the fundamentals of the game down.

People get salty when you use these more easy methods of play though because they feel that you don't deserve to be getting kills and crap without putting in the level of effort they do.

Getting caught out because someone keeps stabbing over and over again, no feinting, no drags, etc. feels like crap because it feels like you've been punished for assuming the other player is going to be putting in much more effort than they actually do.

That said, play however you want, people are going to get mad no matter what you pick.
"Oh he's using the longsword, what a cheesy scrub!"
"Oh he's using the spear, what a cheesy scrub!"
"Oh he's using the carving knife, what a cheesy scrub!"

Just don't delude yourself into thinking that you're actually way more skilled than you actually are and carry on.
I think pro players should be listened to when it comes to certain balancing issues, but you need to make judgement calls on whether or not they're right when they say something sketchy like, and I'm just making this up and haven't seen anyone say this, "Oh you should make stabs on the short spear faster, way too slow" and you need to listen to all sides in those cases.
Casual players tend to just stick to whatever works the best, so unfortunately I think more often than not you have to ignore them in terms of balancing and such, but when it comes to things outside of that it makes much more sense to take everybody into account.

Making it only possible for pros to play is a terrible idea, but making it so that the skill ceiling is so low that a new player has no real ladder to climb and requires no real effort to beat a high skill player would ruin the point of the game.
Aug 31 @ 3:48am
In topic Got votekicked with 4% team damage?
You get an autoban after 7 teamkills I believe it was, and Chiv had this issue as well with people always just voting yes on any given votekick without bothering to check if it's legit or not because they want the box off their screen.

They seem to have a lot of issues getting this votekick system to work properly, and personally I think that it could probably be solved by either putting a timer in before you can vote or by making it so that you have to hold down for several seconds before it actually casts your vote, forcing you to at least glance at the team damage %
Aug 31 @ 3:41am
In topic High level ranked MASSIVE shield abuse
Bait them into shielding and then kick them into a stab to the face, they'll regret using a shield real freakin' fast.
Aug 31 @ 3:40am
In topic New Update Have Female Character?
Originally posted by boob:
Eh, they are working on it but animating a rig for female models and hiring voice actors? It's a pretty long and expensive process that they're better off finishing high priority stuff like balancing weapons and making draggers cry.
They're not making a new rig for the models, in fact they've stated they planned on using the existing character customization system's method of morphing the way the characters' bodies look I believe.
So basically, the thing that lets you slide yourself into having glorious moobs will also be used in tandem with new face models and body textures to give you glorious boobs.
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