RNGESUS   Acre, Brazil

Memorable Quotes of players:
Eddie‎ : go fck yourself u stupid kid
Lambby‎ : i h ope you get hit by a bus you fucking cunt ass bitch
Jaxon‎ : We need to start a paticition
Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick‎ : nice toggles
Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick‎ : nice cheats all game, sad
Yvun‎ : wall hack harder please
KeLf: get vac
LD.Pig: you had to cheat to get global
Roguedolph‎ : u know u suck without your hacks
Roguedolph‎ : cuz u are actually bad
Roguedolph‎ : vac net will get u
Roguedolph‎ : u aint good bitch
ric‎ : hope u get far with those walls
Muffin: rialto only globals
Muffin: fags
not briain : UR CHERTINT
ΞTHΞR : tfuik u
tc1 : "you should be better" after getting stomped and rage quitting the next game before it started"
Jag : "we cant do much when u headshot us around corners"
Mr. "lose b-site every round and does not take any responsibility" meanE: "lmao i was flashed only reason why i died but whatever"
Mr. "I cannot spell and am nuclearly toxic" Greece: "this kjd...... hid"
Mr. "You are mad" ☜✪.| Fresh |.✪☞: "did you are so easy to troll"
♞ FRU1TY : "are u guys like a-?"
Mr. "Won More Lans Than You Attended" Mattchew: "Enjoy your ban."
Mr. "T-spawn camper/Rage hacker" Drick^g (VAC-banned): "I do not camp t-spawn."
anon1g: "flumpy is shit"
anon1g: "youre a shit cheater"
Mr. "Rush banana as CT 15 rounds in a row" ✪ HeyWarren: "so useless blue"
Mr. "Only use P90" ArmnesToes:"[you] cant aim with ak"
Mr. "Rager" Bolasie : "no its just that every game i have to carry but the one game i don't carry"
PlumpSugarDaddy : "pretty sad that you hack in community servers lol"
Hase: t cant be more blatant
NiP hit a friberg and were stuck in a pyth. They needed to Get_RighT, or else they wouldn't Xizt because they were stuck in a f0rest.
Troll : i knew we played u walling faggots
BioniK-‎ : cheating people like you need to be put to death
BioniK-‎ : I hope you f***ing get blown to pieces nig***f**s

i like what g2 says:
Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux is the primary AWPer on the team, but he feels equally at home with an AK or an M4 in his hands. With a decade’s experience of playing at the top level, Dubourdeaux is one of the most complete players in the game, and much of the team’s tactical approach and discipline are down to him.

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