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A sparkling jump

Snap a close-up photo of a dancer
Unlocked May 11 @ 10:10pm


Snap a close-up photo of an influencer
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:33am

A great story

Snap a close-up photo of the mountain explorer
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:15pm

Happy youth

Snap a close-up photo of an old man
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:51pm

Flight ready

Snap a close-up photo of a special seagull
Unlocked May 11 @ 10:17pm

Just a sock

Snap a close-up photo of the sockman
Unlocked May 11 @ 8:30pm

A new job

Snap a close-up photo of a stressed human
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:42am

Calmed down

Snap a close-up photo of the skeleton
Unlocked May 11 @ 8:27pm

Collect them all

Photograph all compendium creatures from the base game
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:34pm

A true completionist

Complete all quests in the base game
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:52pm

Business executed

Complete all quests in Logcity
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:51am

Strong as an oak

Complete all quests in Oaklaville
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:52pm


Complete all quests in Stanhamn
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:08am

Ice fighter

Complete all quests in Kiiruberg
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:36pm

City professional

Complete the photo challenges in Logcity
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:50am

Nature's show-stopper

Complete the photo challenges in Oaklaville
Unlocked May 11 @ 8:20pm

Calm as the sea

Complete the photo challenges in Stanhamn
Unlocked May 11 @ 10:28pm

The biggest hurdle

Complete the photo challenges in Kiiruberg
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:36pm

The grand clock tower

Photograph the grand clock tower's special event
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:51am

A majestic hotel

Photograph the oakhotel from the lookout point
Unlocked May 11 @ 8:33pm

A voyage underwater

Photograph the Smiling Huntsman
Unlocked May 11 @ 10:28pm

Home sweet home

Photograph nana's house
Unlocked Apr 22 @ 8:58pm

The calm forest

Visit Oaklaville
Unlocked Apr 22 @ 9:02pm

Set sail for good weather

Visit Stanhamn
Unlocked May 11 @ 9:04pm

The big city

Visit Logcity
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:09am

Snowy peaks

Visit Kiiruberg
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:12pm

So close now!

Visit the top of Kiiruberg
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:23pm

Employee of the month

Our best non-employed employee!
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:24pm


Equip every base game item once
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:22pm

All geared up

Defeat the winds with your style!
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:53pm

You found us!

You're really good with that camera!
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:48pm

Who's a good boy?!

Pet a pet
Unlocked Apr 22 @ 9:04pm

Look at those cuties

Photograph all of the development team’s animals
Unlocked May 12 @ 10:39pm

The beginning

Start your adventure!
Unlocked Apr 22 @ 8:55pm

Going long!

You just walked a thousand miles!
Unlocked May 11 @ 10:21pm

Slow and steady

What an amazing race that was! Thrilling action all around!
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:47pm

Experience TOEM

Photograph the TOEM phenomenon
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:25pm

Tropical paradise

Visit Basto
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:53pm

Maximum vacation

Relax on a chair with your vacation outfit on
Unlocked May 13 @ 9:28pm


Splash someone who is taking a bath
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:02pm

The Royal Castle

Photograph the royal sand castle
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:03pm

And some more

Photograph all compendium creatures on Basto
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:09pm

A Viking's holiday

Complete all quests in Basto
Unlocked May 13 @ 10:13pm

Pro gamer

Complete all carnival games
Unlocked May 13 @ 9:20pm

Cool moon

Unlocked May 13 @ 10:27pm

Self portrait

Snap a close-up photo of yourself
Unlocked May 13 @ 9:32pm

Moonlit beauty

Snap a close-up photo of the nix
Unlocked May 13 @ 9:04pm

King's new shirt

Snap a close-up photo of the king
Unlocked May 13 @ 9:40pm