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“I have an apple that thinks its a pear. And a bun that thinks it’s a cat. And a wallpogo main that thinks its a wallpogo main."
"It’s a clever wallpogo main, then."
"Hardly," she said with a delicate snort. "Why would anything clever think it’s a wallpogo main?"
"Even if it is a wallpogo main?" I asked.
"Especially then," she said. "Bad enough to be a wallpogo main. How awful to think you are a wallpogo main too.”

Sere is cute!
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Meti ♥ 1 hour ago 
Boshy, I see you, BOOOOO
5% Milk 5 hours ago 
Но Украина читается как Беларусь на валлпого мейнерском
nemesis 20 hours ago 
5% Milk 21 hours ago 
стоп боши я подумал тут как ты понимаешь русский язык если ты валлпого мейн
Psychoskinny. Oct 17 @ 4:42pm 
Oops I yiffed
UbeRRRR Oct 16 @ 5:29am 
Hex buds ;3