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滚一边去 Sep 1 @ 8:54pm 
지형이 군대 잘 갔다 오고 ㅋ
滚一边去 Jun 3 @ 12:59pm 
받아주세요. 당신하고 쎾쓰 하고 싶어요.
Sniffer 560 Jun 2 @ 10:59pm 
받아주세요. 당신에게 말할 게 있어요.
aZerty May 2 @ 10:09pm 
프사 루이즈였으면 링크 들어갔다
Dorothy Apr 27 @ 1:39pm 
Our site is moving to a new Blockchain D2GO platform.
For this, TF2 items are no longer needed, and we decided to make an automatic handing out of items.. Using the random method of generating Steam ID, and we congratulate you, your Steam ID was chosen !!!
You can choose one Unusual Head Prize" or Unusual Corona Australis ,if you don’t like this item, you can choose another Team Fortress 2 item instead.
To use this feature, use this code. Code ->U12W9_S14<- - will be active only for this account
Use the code here -> {LINK REMOVED}
滚一边去 Mar 21 @ 5:31pm