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Welcome to Echo Tokyo

Your adventure begins now.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 9:22am

A successful investigation

Met with Madam Frost, and learnt some interesting facts.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 9:51am

A successful infiltration

Successfully infiltrate the Upper City brothel.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 9:56am

Lending a hand

Help Mieko deal with the drug's effects.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 11:57am

A pleasure to meet you

Found the name behind the alias.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:36am

There she is!?

You found Shizume!?
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:08am

There she is!

You found the real Shizume!
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:23am


Witness the birth of Echo Tokyo's Reaper.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:29am

Last check-out

Things weren't meant to go this way.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 9:37am


The murderer got the better of you.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 9:46am

Curiosity killed the cat

You went sniffing where you shouldn't.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:38am


The lab infiltration went terribly wrong.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:31am


You found your place in the world.
Unlocked Feb 12 @ 10:30am

Your secret apprentice

Make sure not to tell anyone.
Unlocked Feb 14 @ 11:59am


Amethyst kicked your ass.

Case closed…?

You killed the murderer behind it all. Echo Tokyo is now a safer place, right…?

A bittersweet ending

You won the fight, but your purpose is lost.

Adopting a stray cat

She comes and goes as she pleases.

Media collector

Unlocked all entries in the Gallery.