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Today, I am many things. I am a CTFxCer, I am part of Tobuscus's Audience, I am a Razcal, and even a part of Jacksfilms Biches. Any other youtube army, family, or community, I am probably part of it. But being all these things doesn't fully add up to me. So let me tell you my story up to now. I was born June 23, 1990, about half a year after the passing of my mother's dad. I've been told I was blessed by his wisdom, his "visions", and any other things. Through out my life, I've had a lot happen around me I guess. I've had a life full of music and art, leading me to wanting to live out a life that's filled with music and art today. I've been surrounded by other things through out my life, things that could only be described as nightmares and wouldn't be believed until seen by your own eyes. But I'm getting off topic now. I've lived on a reservation for most of my life, or at least ther first 9 or 10 years of my life, making me want to see the life behind the eyes of someone from a bigger city. Besides wants, nightmarish memories, and the beginning of my life, I've also had history. Um, i've lost people here and there, two from tragedy (all before I was born), 2 from health problems, and others because of age, but that's life right. Most of that only made cracks to the center of my soul. Most, except one, being my sister. The day I lost her, I swear, my entire self shattered to pieces to where I thought I would never be able to pick up the pieces. She didn't leave much except a daughter and many memories that could possibly start the water works again. After a few years, I finally put myself back together, leading to who I am and how I am today. I am an artist who loves to show his creativity and let people see the world through my eyes from my many sketches. I am also a lover of music and hopes to persue a career in music one day. Besides all that, I think you've gotten a good idea of who I am.
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His album of that year, Hunky Dory, features a credit to the song for having inspired Bowie's "Queen ♥♥♥♥♥"
Squiddly Diddly Mar 30 @ 2:27pm 
Never touched VT1, thinks he knows everything about VT
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The sheer unknowing irony of this being on a site like Tumblr… magnifique *blows raspberry*
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u dum as hell son
It is unexplained how the spiders are aware of Garfield swatting the spiders on earth.
Spiders Jon and Odie are the only ones to not have spider heads.
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man shut your mouth