30yo talent   France
Hello ! I'm a 30yo CS lover. Played from 2010 to 2015 then started coaching and joined G2 Esports, Evil Geniuses coaching staff. In 2023 I decided to play again because I love to play more than coaching, I like to challenge myself and CS is a great playground for it.

I also created a YouTube channel where I talk about CS, share some tips, some games, etc. (my coach nickname is EVY, while my new player nickname is PAO)

Here it's me watching Stewie play and be mad at him :steamsalty:

I decided that I want to play again and expand my own limits. This is a great adventure where I can become better everyday.

So I like playing CS and doing my best. I want to be a great person, a great player, a great coach. I practice everyday to become a better version of myself.

Don't forget to be kind to yourself and celebrate all the little W's.

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Yo Evy, pourrais tu si tu as le temps de passer signer mon profil, cela me ferais très plaisir !
Merci d'avance jeune crack ♥
cobzera Jun 29 @ 4:45am 
hello! can you sign my profile please
Adolen Jun 15 @ 10:49am 
good mate
✟ 𝔫𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔪𝔢 Apr 24 @ 11:30am 
salut Pao , au plaisir je tombe sur ton profil steam au hasard , ai ai ai ca me rappel des souvenir , si tu veut passer me saluer sur mon profil ca me feras plaisir , force au 30+ sur cs2 :FalconClose:
continue t'es video yt c'est propre :JJFalcon:
Kleyyn1337 Mar 23 @ 1:16am 
tu peux signer mon profil boss <3
y0rcK Mar 23 @ 12:46am 
tu peux me signer? je n'ai jamais était signé par un grand joueur