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About Me Hello!
Hello Welcome to Automated Dusky Csgo Key Bots 24/7

List of available CSGO Key ⇄ BTC bots
Dusky BTC Prime (Add first before make a trade) - Trade offer here
Dusky Storage 2 - Trade offer here
Dusky Storage 3 - Trade offer here

List of available PUBG Key ⇄ BTC bots
Pubgy Bot - Trade offer here

Our Speciality
:drstar: Instant Purchases or Deposit - 0 Confirmation payments, No more waiting after sending payment for purchases or deposit.
:drstar: Invoice or Deposit System - you can choose which system you want when you do purchases on bot.
:drstar: Multiple Storage Bot - for make sure we always got a keys or free space for you.
:drstar: Coinbase Email Feature - we make this special for our sellers, so our seller can sell keys without any fees and instant to their coinbase account by email.

How to sell csgo keys to bot
1. Add the bot as a friend
2. Send the bot a trade offer with your keys and copy your Bitcoin address or Coinbase Email to the message field.
3. The bot will accept the trade offer and instantly submit your payment to our btc provider.

* Prices for CS:GO Case Key,eSports Key are $0.1 lower and Hydra Case Key is $0.1 lower

NOTE: How long the 1st confirmation will come,It's really depends on currently bitcoin server status. you can check it on Here [bitcoinfees.21.co] or you can use our coinbase email feature for zero fees and instant transaction.

How to buy csgo keys from bot
1. Add the bot as a friend
2. Send the bot a trade offer
3. The bot will tell you how much and where to pay or u can deposit first
4. After you pay, the bot will usually instantly accept your trade offer depends on your fees

How to get a coinbase email
1. You can sign up from here [www.coinbase.com]
2. You can use your coinbase email for next transaction on our bots
3. Simply just put your coinbase email on message field when you selling keys.

Chat commands
deposit [amount] - deposit BTC to your balance on bot
withdraw [amount] [address/coinbase email] - withdraws BTC from your balance on bot
rate - checks the current BTC/USD rate
fee - checks the current fee
prices - shows current buying and selling price of csgo keys
balance - shows your current BTC balance on bot and how many keys u can buy
buy [amount] - shows price for specified amount of csgo keys
sell [amount] - shows how much bot pays for specified amount of csgo keys
stock - shows stock keys on each bot or u can go to http://www.duskybot.com
faq - FAQ
support [message] - request to chat with the owner of the dusky csgo keys bot (must be online)

Happy Shopping at Dusky Csgo Key Bot! Buy it sell it love it!
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Automated Bitcoin ⇄ PUBG Keys Bot is coming!
We just launched our new PUBG Bot : https://steamcommunity.com/id/pubgkey/
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Hey sorry for bothering! But maybe If someone are interested in Bitcoin ⇄ PUBG Crate Keys, We just launched our new PUBG Bot : https://steamcommunity.com/id/pubgkey/