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TF2 Keys ⇄ BTC | Dusky Bot
Buy & Sell TF2 Keys / Mann Co. Supply Crate Key for Bitcoin / BTC by Dusky
Hello Welcome to Dusky Tf2 Keys ⇄ Bitcoin 24/7
:ok_ay: Dusky Official Discord [discord.gg]

Dusky Reputation
:ok_ay: Steam Trades [www.steamtrades.com]
:ok_ay: Backpack TF [backpack.tf]

List of available Mann Co. Supply Crate Key / Tf2 Keys ⇄ BTC Bots
Dusky Prime (You should add this bot first before doing a trade.)
Storage Bot 1 - Trade offer here
Storage Bot 2 - Trade offer here

:drstar: Send your Sell or Buy keys offer only to storage bot. Dusky Prime will not response to any incoming offer. :drstar:

Our Speciality
:drstar:No Hidden Fees - Simply type !sell we show you exact final amount you will get ( no hidden fees) .
:drstar:Super Cheap Fees with BTC - We give you the fastest payment with cheapest fees.
:drstar: Instant Cashout with BTC - Payment system by bitcoin super fast usually only took 5 min.
:drstar: Multiple Storage Bot - Multiple Storage system to make sure we always have available keys or free space for your keys.
:drstar: Coinbase Email Feature - We make this special feature for our sellers, so our seller can sell keys without any fees and received payment instantly to their coinbase account via email.

How to Sell Keys to Dusky
1. Send a trade offer with your keys to storage bot
2. Copy & paste your bitcoin address or coinbase email to the message field.
3. The bot will accept the trade offer and instantly submit your payment to our btc provider.

How to Buy Keys from Dusky
[Via Trade Offer]
1. Send a trade offer to storage bot
2. The bot will send you an invoice
3. After your payment already confirmed, the bot will instantly accept your trade offer.

[Via Deposit] (Your balance stored in BTC. BTC Rate will directly effect your balance value)
1. Type "!deposit [amount]" to bot
2. Send a trade offer to storage bot
3. The bot will use your balance & instantly accept your trade offer

Chat commands
!deposit [amount] - Deposit BTC to your balance on bot
!withdraw [amount] [address/coinbase email] - Withdraws BTC from your balance on bot
!rate - Check the current BTC/USD rate
!fee - Check the current fee
!prices - Check current buying and selling price of Mann Co. Supply Crate Key or Tf2 keys
!balance - Check your current BTC balance on bot and how many keys u can buy with it
!buy [amount] - Check price for specified amount of Mann Co. Supply Crate Key or Tf2 keys
!sell [amount] - Check how much bot will pay for specified amount of Mann Co. Supply Crate Key or TF2 keys
!stock - Check available keys stock / space on each bot
!faq - FAQ
!support [chat message] - Send a direct chat message to Dusky Bot support

How to Get a coinbase email
1. You can sign up from here [www.coinbase.com]
2. You can use your coinbase email for next transaction on our bots
3. Simply just put your coinbase email on message field when you selling keys.

Happy Shopping at Dusky Tf2 Key Bot! Buy it sell it love it!
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