Daniel Wünsche   Montabaur, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
TF2 Kinda Okay Map Making Guy :dip:
I usually *will* accept friend requests (unless you're banned on SteamRep or similar) - But i will ask you for a reason why you added me unless i know you.
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Hello, I'm DrLambda. I create areas to shoot your friends in. Currently i'm making mostly TF2 maps, previously i also worked on Half-Life Deathmatch and Counter-Strike.

I usually don't trade for the sake of trading. The two or three items i own that are worth something are there because i want to use them, and i'm not interested in selling.

I will accept friend requests unless your account seems fishy or is SteamRep-banned or similar, but i will ask for a reason for adding me unless i know you. So please don't add me at random, i've seen quite a lot of weird adds recently and won't hesitate to remove you from my friend list again.

Thanks! :houndeye:

Wir können mit dem Tod nicht verhandeln. Wenn wir es versuchen, dann können wir nur verlieren. Hinter allem was wir sagen und allem was wir tun steht die Angst, nicht zu existieren. Hirngespinste, Halbwahrheiten, Versagensängste und Eitelkeiten finden ihren Weg zwischen uns und schlagen eine Schneise, die wir nicht überleben. Und unsere Zweisamkeit hat gegen unsere Sterblichkeit nichts mehr in der Hand, was uns retten könnte.
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Hierarch is a single-stage PLR map centered around a bridge, where both teams start on opposing sides and try to push the payload into the other teams base. It is inspired by Hightower by it's vertical gameplay and making every area accessible by multiple
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Created by - DrLambda
Workshop Showcase
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Anreol May 12, 2016 @ 6:12am