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Posted: Oct 24, 2015 @ 3:17am
Updated: Oct 24, 2015 @ 3:30am

Ok, so I just got around to trying this out after having bought in a bit ago. After about the first five minutes all I can say is this is the most bloody brilliant piece of software I have ever used as a gaming aid.

The only game I had installed that already had a premade profile was The Witcher 3 wild hunt. Starting the software, loading the profile and reading what voice commands activated what commands in game was easy and intuitive. I also like that the program will ignore voice inputs if Voicebot itself is the active window.

So, in game with The Witcher 3 was a dream! Voicebot worked almost flawlessly. I use an XBOX 360 controller to play so using Voicebot to directly access things without having to go through the interface steps is just incredible. For example, instead of pressing START and then hitting A to bring up teh map I can just say "map". To get to the glossary all you have to do is say "glossary" and you go straight there. No START, then move to glossary and press A. Also, since the controller doesn't give you access to the quicksave function being able to say "save" to execute a quick save is great.

Perhaps the true test of Voicebot's capability for this game for me was switching between the various signs during combat. Being able to change from AARD to IGNI or QUEN by just speaking the name of of teh sign instea dof using the left button was impressive and much faster. While I did notice a very short delay from speaking the command to the command actually being executed from time to time it was never significant enough to cause me any problems. I don't think I ever had to repeat a command either. There was no "training" needed for the program to understand me either.

All in all, with barely 10 minutes of use under my belt, Voicebot has left an incredible first impression on me by being both easy to use and and near flawwlesly effective. I can't way to start making full use of this program in almost every game that I play.

One test I am looking forward to is to see how this works in fast paced multiplayer games. Like I said I sometimes noticed a short delay and that delay might be teh difference between life and death in a fast paced multiplayer setting.

If I have one gripe it's that there is only a small selection of premade profiles for games. For instance there is one for Battlefield 3 but not Battlefield 4, no profiles for the newer Call of Duty games, and some MMOs are misisng as well.
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