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Dota 2 is my main game, though I took a 1.5-year break. You may have seen me in other games: Retired competitive Artifact gamer. Top 8 SeatStory Cup X. Top 8 OGA Artifact Pit. Played Dota Underlords somewhat competitively for a bit.

I love video games, board and card games, cooking, pandas, dogs and cats. ^_^ I play Dota 2 on all servers. Mindfulness, productivity and effectiveness.

Happy gaming!

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smoggy 18 hours ago 
divinicus Jan 29 @ 7:49pm 
stop smurfin
@dpmlicious Jan 21 @ 12:10pm 
@conny bonny ♥. hey thanks. ^_^ i think we have some common friends. maybe if you see me in a party with them?

@Saudade thanks! ^_^

@優勝者. Hey, I'm sorry that we lost a game together in our ranked match making. I don't remember what happened. I understand that it's upsetting to lose a game, but I think we can't win them all. If you have some constructive tips to share, I would appreciate those. I am not sure what to do with "не заходи в доту позорная шлюха", which my friends and Google translate says means "don't go to dota shameful wh*re". I think I will continue to play Dota. Hopefully, your month gets better and you have fun games where you don't feel like going to people's pages to call them wh*re and other things. Much love to you <3
優勝者 Jan 19 @ 11:38am 
не заходи в доту позорная шлюха
                     ∧∧ ∩
                   ( ゚∀゚ )/
             ハ_ハ    ⊂   ノ     ハ_ハ
           ('(゚∀゚ ∩     (つ ノ     ∩ ゚∀゚)')
       ハ_ハ   ヽ  〈     (ノ    〉  /    ハ_ハ
     ('(゚∀゚∩   ヽヽ_)          (_ノ ノ    .∩ ゚∀゚)')
     O,_  〈                    〉  ,_O
       `ヽ_)                    (_/ ´
  ハ_ハ            HAPPY NEW YEAR!              ハ_ハ
⊂(゚∀゚⊂⌒_`⊃                            ⊂´__⊃゚∀゚)⊃
conny bonny ♥ Dec 30, 2022 @ 3:56am 
play some dotes?