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If You’ll Be My Bodyguard

Order a ship to guard another ship.
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:48am

Stay in formation!

Set a command group to assume a new formation.
Unlocked May 13 @ 8:48am


Complete the campaign on Easy difficulty.


Complete the campaign on Medium difficulty.


Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty.

Shall We Play a Game?

Successfully complete a War Games session for the first time.


Complete 5 missions without the Mothership being hit by enemy fire.
0 / 5

Bug Swatter

Eliminate 200 total enemy strikecraft in the campaign.
0 / 200

Hostile Takeover

Capture an enemy ship.

That Belongs in a Museum!

Collect an artifact during a War Games session.

Big Game Hunter

Eliminate 50 total enemy capital ships.
0 / 50

The Unbound

Research your first ship upgrade.

Not Today, Singularity!

Win a Skirmish match consisting of at least 3 enemy AI opponents.

Grand Armada

Build a grand total of 500 ships.
14 / 500

Fix-it Frigate

Fully repair 50 ships using Support Frigates.
0 / 50


Blow up 5 ships with one explosion.

That Was One in a Million!

Land the final shot to destroy a Capital ship with a Fleet Bomber ship.

A Path Across the Galaxy

In Campaign, have a (non-mothership) ship built in Facility 315 survive all the way through until the end of the campaign.

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