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The Klowns Have Landed!

Play your first match
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 3:21pm

Not Your Normal Mixtape

Find your first lore tape
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 8:39pm

Cutting it Close

Free another human from a cocoon that is hooked to a Lackey Generator
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 3:45pm

Hand of Fate

Gift another player an item as a spectator
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 3:14pm

Sweet Release

Escape from a cocoon twice in a single match
Unlocked Jun 3 @ 8:00pm

Dress to Impress

Equip one unlockable cosmetic for your human
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 8:29pm

The Invasion's Just Getting Started

Reach level 15
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 6:58pm

I'm Not Klownin' Around!

Kill your first klown
Unlocked Jun 3 @ 8:23pm

Karnival Chic

Equip an unlocked cosmetic to your Klown
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 8:28pm

Drop the Bag-, er...Cocoon!

Shoot a Klown carrying a cocoon with a firearm
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 8:42pm

Like a Ghost in the Wind

Escape the invasion without taking any damage and without getting cocooned
Unlocked Jun 6 @ 7:26pm

Killer Klown of Doom

As a Klown, get a Victory without getting killed
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 3:59pm

Killer Klowntality

Perform a Klowntality on a downed human
Unlocked Jun 4 @ 8:59pm

Sticky Protection

Fully cover a Human escape interaction with cotton candy
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 3:27pm


Break down a locked door
Unlocked Jun 2 @ 3:25pm

Humanity Shall Thrive!

Win 10 matches as a Human
2 / 10

The Lackeys are Lacking

Kill 30 Lackeys
3 / 30

Boomstick Bamboozle

Kill a Klown with a shotgun


Hit a Klown on the nose with a thrown baseball

A Sweet Escape

Escape the map with the help of the Terenzi Brothers

Escape Artist

Escape invasions 25 Times
3 / 25

I've Got Your Back

As a human, knock a Lackey off of another human

Ride or Die

Escape with another human in the same boat


Open the portal and allow 3 humans to escape in the same match

Clutch Performance

Be the last human alive and trigger the resurrection machine

Quit Lyin' Around!

Free 3 humans from cocoons in a single match


Escape the invasion after being resurrected


Win 10 matches as a Klown
3 / 10

Karnival Champion

Reach level 50

Round 'em Up

Create 3 Human Cocoons in a single match

Kill 'em With Klownness

Trigger Klownpocalypse Early

Sweet Revenge

Kill the human that previously popped your nose

Thrill of the Kill

Kill 100 humans
3 / 100

Savin' em for Later

Hook up 20 Cocoons to Lackey Generators
14 / 20

Klown Supreme

Get a “Perfect Klown Victory”

Humanity's Finest

Get a “Perfect Human Victory”


Find a human in a hiding spot

The Operator

Reach Level 100

Early Bird

Be the first Klown to hook up a cocoon in the match

Tag Team

Attack a human that is being grabbed by a lackey

Cocoon Hauler

Fully upgrade a Lackey generator by yourself

Nice Try!

Kill or cocoon a human nearby an open escape

Silica Slayer

As a Klown, smash 30 windows
0 / 30

Popcorn Tracker

Kill a human that is covered in popcorn

What're Ya Gonna Do?

As a Brawler, Knock a Human's block off using the boxing gloves


Hit a human with a thrown cocoon

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