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MvM + TFBot nerd who thinks he's super cool

If you want me to be on your friends list, just send a request to me and see if I accept it. Ok I know what you want, what do you need to do/have to be my Steam friend? I listed it below here:

[*]No Private/Unlisted Profiles. This is because scammers and hackers commonly do that. I don't want a person on my friends list that has bad reputation or be scammed, so I avoid users with private/unlisted profiles if possible.
[*]Adding me without stating a reason. I don't add random people I never met or I don't know what your up to. If I know what your up to and I met you before, then your request might be accepted without a comment.
[*] I wanted to add you. This is an obvious one. I don't think I need to state why.

Note that rarely this may be ignored by me due to some other reasons.
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information about this loser
hi I addictedgamer lol

A guy that's still schooling

You can ask me to talk purely normal English to you or everyone when your in the server.

Please provide why you sent me a friend request if you did sent me one. Is there a need to say I won't add you if you don't?

Not accepting people with private profiles or ones with unlisted comment sections.

I don't know where to group these info
"Timezone": MYT (or add ET/EST time by 13 hours)
Is a HE
not using gamer PC but laptop

TF2 Info
What do you mean by dont know what you main?

I play all classes and somehow enjoy each of them. I don't play only one single class.

What Steam games do you play?

Only TF2 at the moment.

When are you able to play games?

Which Day:
Weekends and holidays.

In weekdays I can only play at Morning. (My timezone)


"TImezone" reminder - My "timezone" is MYT . Click on the link to see my current time. (or add ET/EST time by 12 hours to find out my current time)

I am not allowed to stay up late and I am needed to go to BED before 11:46 PM MYT. If not I will be grounded and you won't see me online the next day, few days or one week. Keep note of this as I often play until around 11 PM MYT.

In weekdays, I stop playing around 11:30 AM MYT (but not after it). This is done so I can get ready things required for school.

I am not free to play or chat at Wednesdays 7:25 PM MYT to 10:30 PM MYT regardless if it's a holiday or not.

Anytime free to chat about things?
Just not when I'm asleep or off to school.

Expect me to be asleep at MYT 12 PM to 8 PM. If it's a holiday or weekend for the day I wake up I may be seen online at or around 7:30+ PM.

At 11:30 PM - 12:30 PM MYT (Mondays and Fridays) or 12:10 PM MYT (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) I will attempt to reply to any chat messages you sent.

I might not answer chat messages instantly if I'm busy such as playing a game or just wanted to use Notepad++ to do MvM popfile code quickly.

Do you have like uhh like what your good at]

I guess I know a lot(?) of information related to TFBots, attributes and console commands.

And can make pop files.

cool friends


Teach me about making popfiles
Sure, but I won't if I'm doing other things such as using Notepad++ or is in a Casual/MvM match. My guide might help a little.

Games played
PS2: SNES Emulator [bought with $] Super Mario Kart (100%)
PS2: SNES Emulator: Super Mario World (Game Completed)
PS2: SNES Emulator: Super Mario Bros 3 (Highest world reached: 6)
PS2: Crash 3 in 1 games [Offical?]: Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex (All levels completed except the relic bonus levels. All Relics not obtained.)
PS2: Crash Twinsanity (100%)
PS2: Crash Nitro Kart (All CNK tokens and relics yet to be obtained)
PS2: Kingdom Hearts (Game completed)
PS2: Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (Mid-game)
PS2: Kingdom Hearts 2 (Game completed)
PS2: Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix (All data bosses not beaten)
PS2: Crash Tag Team Racing (100%)
PS2: Crash Of The Titans (100%)
PS2: Crash: Mind Over Mutant (Game completed, all levels not reached)
PS2: Sonic Riders (100%)
PS2: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Game completed, all boards not obtained, who would grind for this game anyways.)
NDS: Plants vs Zombies (All trophies not obtained)
NDS: Sonic Rush (Game completed, all S ranks not obtained)
NDS: Sonic Rush Adventure (Game completed, lots of unfinished missions)
NDS: Sonic Colors (Game completed, all S ranks not reached)
NDS: Mario Party DS (Game completed, all badges not obtained)
NDS: Mario Kart DS (Data reseted)
NDS: Super Mario 64 (Mid-game)
PC: Team Fortress 2

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Accepted, would be embarrassing if I accidentally declined that one because I almost did
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