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Posted: Dec 11, 2016 @ 1:20am
Updated: Nov 22, 2023 @ 7:21am

Early Access Review
KeeperRL may be the only dungeon sim out there to offer:

The crawling of as many unique dungeons as the community can offer, instead of simple skirmish/base-defense matches. Considering the dozens of hours of dedication players put in their games, each retired dungeon can be a modest but impressive oeuvre, each offering a singular archtectural crawling.

(a) Varied locations to explore (such as procedurally generated dungeons, villains' lairs etc.).
(b) Not just one type of antagonist and one type of biom per match.
(c) Maps that don't come down to just one underground level with a short overworld (if any overworld at all, as in War for the Overworld), they go way beyond your dungeon's surroundings.

Depth: z-levels; varied equipments (crafted AND found) for units; more than one playable race; breeding etc.

The combination of management, progression, crafting, base-building, turn-based strategy, exploration, dungeon-crawling, sandbox and the possibility of interacting with other players' monumental dungeons make KeeperRL one of the best and most unique hybrid (indie) games out there.

PS: This is the game that brought me to Steam and made me drop game piracy for good (except for you Electronic Arts). First because I needed its monthly updates, and then because I could finally afford games.
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