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This is just my collection of games i'm excited for.
I can't wait to play these games
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with mah homies
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This brings back my childhood, i just love it!
I don't know about people outside europe, but here in europe was the game werewolving a real life card which was played on thousands of colleges, schools and friends parties.

This game is the same as werewolving and it's fantastic.
I used to be a shooter gamer, but lately i'm only playing this, it's mysterious as a rpg games and so dominating as a poker game.

But don't get me wrong except that you bluff and see through people it's totally not like poker.
This game feels so rewarding and it's worth it every cent.

It's actually a free-to-play game in your browser and you can play it like i said for free there, the cool thing is that you can play cross play with your friends on steam and vice versa.
I prefer the steam version because i like to support this game, hunt achievements and the town points are a fun addition to this.

I hope they add trading cards though, that would make it more appealing for other people to buy this game.
My motivation for trading cards is that i can buy all the backgrounds and emoticons of Town of Salem on the steam market to express my love for Town of Salem.

So let's get this game folks, it's worth every cent, and if you are not sure than go ahead and play it for free in your browser.

Seriously the best game ever.

I hope this game will be kept online forever, this is how good a game can be without graphics
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Use a PS4 controller to play Move or Die
By Daniel - REX Network
Use a PS4 Controller to play Stardew Valley!
By Daniel - REX Network
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