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Spooks ♥ CS.MONEY Apr 21 @ 12:16pm 
Please sign my profile :) C9 :steamhappy:
☆Moses-dA-k1nG☆ Apr 18 @ 3:16am 
Daniel I Like your game, could you sign my profile please?) I'll be happy , GL ^^ :steamhappy: :lostisland:
✪N!NjA Apr 13 @ 11:43pm 
Please sign my profile
nickelgoose:) Apr 13 @ 6:02pm 
Hey dude it would mean a lot to mean if you would sign my profile! Cloud9 is my favorite team.
6d 6f 72 6f 6e Apr 8 @ 2:49pm 
-rep cheater on community server
BEST LOTTERY Apr 7 @ 9:06am 
Dear winner
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