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The Handler's Raven
The Handler found his Raven
And loved her so,
Her coat as black as her namesake
Her calls like music
Her beauty unmatched by any
Her heart full of love
Her pain scaring her.

So the Handler cared for the Raven
His hands soft and careful,
Always loving.
But the Raven was afraid she'd be cast out
And so she fought his gentle hold.

His hands were scarred by her claws,
His soul cut by the sharpness of her mouth
And although he bled
He always loved the raven,
For the Raven made him happy.

She would sing, and dance, and captivate the Handler with her eyes,
And the Handler swore to love the Raven and watch her fly high.

But one day the Raven fought so hard and buries her talons in the Handler,
So deep were his wounds he cried for days on end and she flew away.

The Raven cried for the pain she caused for she feared she would lose the Handler,
She never did
And so when she flew back
The Handler held out his hands ready to hold her again.

But the final day came
No matter how hard the Handler tried to love the Raven,
No matter how much she loved him, fear clouded her and she clawed at his every being.
She flew off for the final time

Heartbroken, the Handler grieved as though someone died
and still the Raven mocked him.

He held on tight to save her
She forced him to let go
He wouldn't let her go
Because he loved her
And believed in her even though he no longer wanted to feel the pain of her claws.

And so she flew off and the Handler prayed that she fly high and find happiness
For his arms will always wait for her return.

Hands open, pumpkin seeds tracing his palms

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