codered_   Liverpool, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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I play Pyro and Spy.

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LegendarySpycrab : my fucking D is broken

*DEAD* Zinsmeister : medc uou need to oly crit me pls

*DEAD* Zinsmeister : hevy stand back by dispenser retard

bad: is spy his hat

Blue Atom: i like being short
Blue Atom: giraffes are in the zoo y become one

Schnow: you could improve your aim by masturbating

???: how to balance the sniper
???: on miss: lose 10 fps
???: on bodyshot: fucking hl2.exe crash
???: on headshot: your willy gets as large as your myanimelist

Scelesto: medic mains have no soul
Mr.Raccoon: you bet
Hakai: and no brain as well
Mr.Raccoon: I main spy in 6s
Scelesto: +respect

Scelesto: how many drops you got so far rac
Mr.Raccoon: 3
Scelesto: impressive

Scelesto: get off engie you fucking highlander reject

20:59 - it's a whirlwind: pocket wasn't using escape plan at the start
20:59 - Ch4bby: ah
20:59 - Ch4bby: tell tga he's a shitty pocket

12:46 - make solarlight banned again: i am the god of nutella
12:47 - Peasy: n0
12:47 - make solarlight banned again: you can be the goddess of nutella
12:47 - Peasy: o fuk u made me hungri
12:47 - make solarlight banned again: haha
12:47 - make solarlight banned again: i'm eating nutella right now
12:47 - Peasy: BOI
12:47 - make solarlight banned again: YIS
12:47 - Peasy is now Away.
12:50 - make solarlight banned again has changed their name to the abusement park.
12:51 - the abusement park: put this on your bio or your dog dies tonight
12:52 - Peasy: I dun have a doggo
12:52 - the abusement park: you do now
12:52 - Peasy: lolno
12:52 - the abusement park: lolyes
12:52 - the abusement park: put this in your bio or your nutella gets stolen tonight
12:55 - Peasy: never
12:55 - Peasy: gud c:
12:56 - the abusement park: i'll melt a piece of bookbarn's shit and then put it in your nutella jar
12:56 - Peasy: what the fuck
12:56 - the abusement park: that'd be a great anime
12:57 - the abusement park: or hentai
12:57 - Peasy: oh god n0
12:57 - the abusement park: well tbh there's not a difference in those statements
12:58 - the abusement park: you'll be spreading bookbarn's shit on your bread when you scoop "chocolate" out of the nutella jar
13:02 - the abusement park: i've had a friend taste it once
13:02 - the abusement park: apparently it tastes like chocolate
13:02 - the abusement park: unfortunately he died a few seconds after consumption
13:09 - the abusement park: imagine it
13:09 - the abusement park: eating a shitposter's shit
13:10 - the abusement park: mmmm, tasty, don't you think?

WrayderNation @TM : Meta for MVM expert usually is, 2-3 heavies, a scout, an engy, and a pyro or demo,(depending).
WrayderNation @TM : Welcome to all the new Gibuses. This is an expert MVM server,have fun, cooperate, and graduate.
WrayderNation @TM : Listen to advice, and accept some instruction, and in the end, you will be wiser.
WrayderNation @TM : Place your pride aside, and learn to compromise. It will take you farther than conflict will.
WrayderNation @TM left the game (Disconnect by user.)
coutt. : oof

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