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I'm from the National Urology Society and we received your questions sent to our e-mail, and we're pleased to answer:

1) Yes, 1.5 inches is considered small. We recommend you surgery process;

2) No, it's not usual for the condom to be loose. There's no XS size;

3) Even if 1.5 inches is quite small, it is still possible that your partner has during sexual relationships, so if it doesn't happen with you like you've mentioned, the lack of competence is your responsibility;

4) No, you cant have a prostate exam, it's only for 50-year-old or older. Please, do not insist;

5) The attraction for people of the same sex can be a strong sign of homosexual tendencies;

Any other questions, we're here to help.
Please contact:
Have a nice evening, you have everything to be ashamed of.
76561199105094263 Nov 28, 2020 @ 8:35am 
Very phamous streamer definitely
Dukkhi Atmaaa Sep 2, 2020 @ 10:41pm 
Bery gud gaymer:steamsalty: