Krym, Ukraine
          :Ukraine_nvl: MY TRADE LINK :Ukraine_nvl:
Join my Trade group and read about API SCAM please
Also before trading with me, read the IMPORTANT 7 points below
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Trading Group by Chez - Public Group
Welcome to the group of trading CS2 skins! This group was created by a trader for traders
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Please read this before making any deals with me. READ! IT! PLEASE!

0. No, it's not me writing to you from the 'DISCUSSION ACCOUNT'

1. Be careful of people pretending to be me!

2. Never click on links given to you by someone (INCLUDING ME) on Steam. If you click, you are 99% likely to lose all your skins.

3. I want to assure you that I will never request that you send me your skins without providing skins from my end in a single trade. If someone asks you for it, they might be a scammer.

4. Before confirming the trade offer on your phone, please double or even triple check my level, which needs to be at 711 . Additionally, carefully verify in Steam Guard the items you will be sending and receiving as part of the exchange to ensure their accuracy and prevent any potential mishaps. It's crucial to be cautious as people sometimes fall victim to API scams and lose all of their valuable skins. More about this here: " How to protect your account from API scam " (clickable)

5. I dont use any other platform to discuss , only STEAM CHAT with my 711 lvl account.

6. Don't accept random people on steam, discord, facebook etc. Don't fall for discord scams in voice chat. Don't fall for reddit middleman or facebook group scams. Don't login to random websites. Please, NEVER log in to unfamiliar websites, even if someone famous asks you to do so

7. if I don't answer you for a long time, it means that I am busy or I accidentally closed a chat with you, you can write to me again

All my items up for trade, just send me an offer. I'll send you counter if needed.
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bummy 3 hours ago 
+rep good guy, good trader
Abu ali 6 hours ago 
+rep fair trader, gave me goated skins
:misconduct::misconduct::misconduct:READ BEFORE WRITING A COMMENT :misconduct::misconduct::misconduct:

:brakes_problem: Please be aware that you WILL get contacted by a scammer who is pretending to be my "discussion account" if you leave a comment here. It is NOT me and you might end up scammed. :brakes_problem:

:yun: I have a lot empty friends list slots. There is no logical explanation to add you from a different account. :yun:

:Assault1:The best thing you can do is to just send me a trade offer. Thank you and stay safe! My tradelink:
Mikko Potter🔥 11 hours ago 
+rep Fast and honest trader :steamhappy:
kenshin himura 12 hours ago 
+rep FAST AND FAIR TRADER :steamthumbsup::cozytf2mug:
Lambo May 16 @ 6:46am 
+rep awsome guy good trader!! have a beautiful day brother!