Sir Chewy
Sir Chewy   Chad
Do not add me without saying why you want to
Also do not invite me to groups without asking

I am Sir Chewy. Owner of one of the 327th Star Corps groups.
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Oh, apparently I have a YouTube channel
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I also have Twitch
I will have you know I rarely stream

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Sir Chewy Apr 4 @ 1:40pm 
uh, not really but i'll accept lmao
koded Apr 4 @ 3:31am 
Remember me?
Sir Chewy Jan 26 @ 9:18am 
lmao okay
Ivan04 Jan 26 @ 9:18am 
ecks dee

ve mai frend
Sir Chewy Jan 26 @ 9:17am 
no u
Ivan04 Jan 26 @ 9:17am