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Anime/Movie/Game Counter 2018
Anime / Movie / Game Counter 2018

01 Logan [Watched 1st Jan]
02 Gunslinger Girl [Completed 2nd Jan]
03 Left in the Dark: No One on Board [Completed 2nd Jan]
04 6180 The Moon [Completed 2nd Jan] [Easy 100%]
05 Superflight [Completed 3rd Jan] [Easy 100%]
06 Zootopia [Watched 3rd Jan]
07 Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino +OVA [Completed 8th Jan]
08 Riptide GP: Renegade [Completed 9th Jan] [100%, but Krex is HARD]
09 Alice Through the Looking Glass [Watched 9th Jan]
10 Morons From Outer Space [Watched 11th Jan]
11 Shadow Bug [Completed 14th Jan] [moderate 100%]
12 Des vents contraires [Watched 14th Jan]
13 Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine [Completed 14th Jan]
14 Bangkok Revenge [Watched 15th Jan]
15 Star Wars: The Last Jedi [Watched 16th Jan]
16 SNAFU Too [Completed 18th Jan]
17 Ratchet & Clank PS4 [Completed 20th Jan]
18 Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet [Completed 21st Jan]
19 F.E.A.R. [Completed 24th Jan]
20 Wizard Barristers [Completed 24th Jan]
21 Wayne's World [Watched 27th Jan]
22 Wayne's World 2 [Watched 29th Jan]
23 Blancanieves [Watched 4th Feb]
24 Horizon Zero Dawn [Completed 10th Feb] [~95hrs, 100% (not including DLC)]
25 Escape [Watched 10th Feb]
26 The Book of Life [Watched 11th Feb]
27 Bulletstorm [Completed 13th Feb]
28 Sonya the Great Adventure [Completed 15th Feb]
29 Gone Home [Completed 16th Feb]
30 Genesis Climber Mospeada [Completed 16th Feb]
31 Kane & Lynch: Dead Men [Completed 17th Feb]
32 Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days [Completed 18th Feb]
33 Roman Holiday [Watched 19th Feb]
34 Landlock [Watched 27th Feb]
35 The Rolling Girls [Completed 2nd Mar]
36 Virus Buster Serge [Completed 5th Mar]
37 Spec Ops: The Line [Completed 11th Mar]
38 Blood Blockade Battlefront [Completed 15th Mar]
39 Mantis Burn Racing [Completed 16th Mar]
40 Nekopara Vol. 1 [Cumpleted 18th Mar]
41 Remember Me [Completed 20th Mar]
42 HiveSwap Act 1. [Completed 22nd Mar]
43 Trine [Completed 24th Mar]
44 Samorost 3 [Completed 25th Mar]
45 Huniepop [Completed 2nd Apr]
46 Orphen [Completed 6th Apr]
47 Spring [Watched 6th Apr]
48 Rime PS4 [Completed 7th Apr]
49 Gladiatress [Watched 7th Apr]
50 AER [Completed 10th Apr]
51 Prison School [Completed 10th Apr]
52 Garden of Words [Watched 11th Apr]
53 Morgan [Watched 11th Apr]
54 Quantum Break [Completed 12th Apr]
55 Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams [Completed 12th Apr]
56 Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt [Completed 16th Apr]
57 The Boy and the Beast [Watched 17th Apr]
58 Knack (PS4) [Completed 18th Apr]
59 Psycho-Pass Season 1 [Completed 22nd Apr]
60 Housebound [Watched 23rd Apr]
61 Knack 2 (PS4) [Completed 24th Apr]
62 Faces of Illusion [Completed 26th Apr]
63 Psycho-Pass Season 2 [Completed 28th Apr]
64 Punchline [Completed 1st May]
65 Fate: Grand Order [Watched 3rd May]
66 Maken Ki! & Maken Ki Two [Completed 6th May]
67 Avengers - Infinity War [Watched 8th May]
68 Doctor Strange [Watched 8th May]
69 Flying Witch [Completed 9th May]
70 My Hero Academia Season 1 [Completed 10th May]
71 Beat the Game [Completed 11th May]
72 Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) [Completed 12th May]
73 Kiznaiver [Completed 14th May]
74 Flat Kingdom [Completed 16th May]
75 Watamote [Completed 17th May]
76 Into the Woods [Watched 21st May]
77 Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei [Completed 23rd May]
78 Rayman Legends (PS4) [Completed 23rd May]
79 Return of Red Riding Hood [Completed 27th May]
80 BLAME! [Watched 28th May]
81 Bear With Me [Completed 4th June]
82 Zombie Hunter [Watched 4th June]
83 Batman Ninja [Watched 6th June]
84 Noein [Completed 7th June]
85 Fault: Milestone One [Completed 7th June]
86 Ninja Nonsense [Completed 12th June]
87 Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth [Completed 12th June]
88 Pinocchio [Watched 17th June]
89 Tenchi Muyo OVA+Movies+RyoOhki [Completed 17th June]
90 IT [Watched 17th June]
91 High School Assassins [Watched 18th June]
92 The Last Witch Hunter [Watched 18th June]
93 Medaka Box [Completed 19th June]
94 Your Name [Watched 19th June]
95 Space Patrol Luluco [Watched 20th June]
96 The Wallflower [Completed 27th June]
97 Suicide Squad [Watched 28th June]
98 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark [Watched 29th June]
99 Peregrin [Completed 1st July]
100 Combustión [Watched 2nd July]
101 Valley [Completed 7th July]
102 Pixels [Watched 7th July]
103 Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode [Completed 8th July]
104 Cat Run [Watched 8th July]
105 Miss Monochrome [Completed 9th July]
106 Varenje [Completed 9th July]
107 Shuyan Saga [Completed 10th July]
108 Mermaid Adventures: The Frozen Time [Completed 12th July]
109 Republique [Completed 19th July]
110 Big Game [Watched 20th July]

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