Podrick, Spocky Ghoost of Bread
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Sorry if I don't get your messages while I'm in-game, I have notifications disabled.

Everything is a story.

Feel free to add me if you want. I probably won't remove you unless you haven't been online for long periods of time or we just don't do anything together. I usually don't remove friends but sometimes for the sake of adding another, I'll remove someone who has been offline for more than 3 or 4 months.

To get list:
The Curious Expedition
Bunker Punks
Sunless Sea
Megaman: Legacy Collection
Shovel Knight
Voxel Turf
Death Road to Canada
Invisigun Heroes
Streets of Rogue (P)
Desolate (P)
The Red Strings Club
Slay the Spire
Last Year (P)
60 Seconds! (P)
Thimbleweed Park
CPU Invaders
The Wild Eight
Renowned Explorers: International Society
Oxygen Not Included
(P) = Priority

Genres I can play decently-ish or like: All except puzzle and racing. Gawd i hate racing games.

Current interests:
League of Legends
Dead by Daylight
Identity V (mobile)
Dynasty Warriors 8
This War of Mine
State of Decay
Darkest Dungeon
Hero Siege
Banner Saga 2
im afk a lot so yay! :D My specialty is eating human shit! :D AlSo I hAvE a FrIeNd WhO pLaYeD tRoVe StRaIgHt FoR 19.4 hOuRs!


Obligatory Yumi Law states that if there is no participant playing Yumi, she must be chosen in order to restore balance to the universe. There must always be a Yumi in White Noise 2.

rip old karma

Toxic quotes from toxic players, stay away from these guys if you see them (some sensitive content ahead):

"go back to iraq where the sand niggers are" -Affinity, accusing me of sandbagging because I moved around a trap (DbD)

"why don't you go back to game of thrones, and die there too podrick" -Affinity, still accusing me of sandbagging because I moved around a trap (DbD)

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Favorite Things (Idk what else to put here lol)
Favorite Games: Changes constantly

Favorite Color: Bluegreen

Favorite Songs: The Dreamer by The Tallest Man on Earth, Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids, Simple Song by The Shins, The Opposite of Us by Big Scary, Moving On by James, Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen, Another Story by The Head and the Heart, Flashed Junk Mind by Milky Chance, The Story I Heard by Blind Pilot, Brother by Matt Corby, Coins by Local Natives, Dream Last Night by John Mark Nelson, Nomads by Highs, Believe by Benjamin Booker, too many to choose :/ I could list like 20 more songs tbh.

Favorite LoL Champions: Lux, Nami, Orianna, Braum, Lulu, Viktor, Anivia, Karma, Sona, Ahri, Janna, Twitch, Rakan (but I'm trash at him), Taliyah (I'm also trash at her lol)

Favorite Overwatch Heroes: Ana, Lucio, Mercy

Favorite Friday the 13th: The Game counselor: Deborah Kim, Mitch Floyd, and Jenny Myers, but I like all the others too

Favorite Friday the 13th: The Game: Jason: Part 8, but again, I like all the others too

Favorite White Noise 2 investigators: Iker and Denali

Favorite White Noise 2 creatures: Olkoth and Rusalka

Favorite Dirty Bomb merc: Sparks

Favorite Movies: Wall-E, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, How to Train Your Dragon

Favorite shows: Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Westworld, Stranger Things, and The Fall.

Favorite SMITE God: Chang'e

Favorite HotS Hero: Tyrande

Favorite DotA 2 heroes: Silencer, Skywrath Mage, Crystal Maiden

Favorite Paragon heroes: Gideon, Muriel, Dekker, Lt. Belica, Phase (rip Paragon)

Favorite Don't Starve characters: Warly, Wickerbottom, and Wes (I actually find Wes fun lmao)

Favorite Binding of Isaac characters: The Forgotten

Favorite Dead by Daylight killers: Pig (Amanda), Hag, Wraith, Nurse (I'm still bad with her but I'm improving)

Favorite Dead by Daylight survivors: David King

Favorite Paladins champions: Jenos, Bomb King, Inara

Favorite Realm of the Mad God class: Sorcerer

Favorite Hero Siege classes: Amazon, Samurai

Favorite Smash Characters: Lucas, Mr. Game&Watch, Ice Climbers, Wii Fit Trainer, Falco, Luigi, Marth, Lucina, Diddy Kong, Peach, Zelda, Toon Link, Ness, Roy, Robin, Fox, Pikachu, Megaman, Sonic, Samus, will probably end up liking Daisy since she's an echo fighter for Peach.

Favorite Battlerite champion: Poloma, Taya, Lucie

Favorite Identity V survivor: The Mind's Eye, Seer, Perfumer, Doctor

Favorite Identity V hunter: Geisha

Favorite DW8XL characters: Xu Shu, Liu Shan, Lu Lingqi, Daqiao, Zhuge Dan, Zuo Ci, Zhu Ran, Cao Cao, Sima Yi, Sima Shi, Chen Gong, Xiaoqiao, Zhong Hui, Zhenji, Huang Zhong
LoopdeLoopandPull Jul 29 @ 1:25am 
cool dud
❄Festive thot❄ Jul 8 @ 10:01pm 
+rep A1 killer
Also looped for T E N minutes lul mkay
Literally let the PaNiK dude go because he ran into me after getting unhooked, and I didn't wanna hook twice in a row. Hooked everyone twice and wasn't planning on killing until he tbagged. Then gets salty and posts a -rep. Spicy af.
PaNiK Jul 6 @ 4:12am 
- rep this idiot was still horny after someone quits and looped him for 10 minutes. Gave him the juicy t bagged after i went to the other side. ;P
BwukDaddy Jul 2 @ 1:34am 
+rep, Didn't laugh at my failed pallet slam save.