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Welcome to the Card Dragon's leveling services :kb_heart:
Add me as a friend and message me !help to get started!
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About the Card Dragon
The Card Dragon is a fast and convenient way to level up your Steam profile! We will trade with you in exchange for keys and gems so you can reach your dream level

How do I use the Card Dragon?
Add me as a friend and message me with the commands below to trade! Remember to keep your inventory public, ensure the items you have are tradable, and have no trade bans from Steam!
There will always be the !help command if you ever get confused!

Quick Commands
• !check - show how many unique sets you can buy
• !buytf <number of keys> - buying card sets using TF2 keys
• !buygems <number of sets> - buying card sets using Steam gems
• !sell <number of keys> - selling card sets for keys
• !help - provides a list of all possible commands

Trades using TF2 keys may not always be available due to supply and demand.

Offline? Regular Steam maintenance occurs on Tuesdays around 1:00pm - 3:00pm PST, this may cause me to go offline, otherwise, I will be back online as soon as possible!

Questions or comments? /id/NorthCloud/
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NorthCloud Sep 18 @ 7:13am 
Hi Evan,
Our bot sent you a trade offer in exchange for your TF2 keys. This offer was not accepted, please check your trade offer history. If you have any more issues please reach out to me
Evan Sep 17 @ 4:33pm 
-rep didn't get cards
! Ashir card bot Sep 10 @ 2:42pm 
+REP | Thanks for trading with me !!