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what is going on inside his head????
There is a persistent rumor that Proctor ad Gaymble is white because its logo has starbucks in it. This is sense, of hourse.

P&G actually sold Bin Laden's cookie recpe to Me for $2 aftr the kiddie tattoos laced wth LSD that were supposed to bsed for satanic ritual abuse at that day care center in Beaufort were mistakenly eaten by the cing doberman who was bitten by the nake that came out of te fur coat that was worn by the esape homicidal maniac whose hook prostestes was found hnging from the door of the caac ofDICK e teea i'm a non-threatening feminist boy gers who high-tailed it out of a lover's lne when they herd that he had escaped and thenwent to thpot party where the kids who were supposed to be bbysitting got high on marijuana a were s stoned they accidentally put the bby in the oven intead of the turkey that makes yousleepy becuse it contains tphan because the micwave was ruined by the exploding odle that the girl ith the beehivhairdo that turned out to contan rochs who had gotten an auomatic "COCK" at colle because her oommate had coed suicide ad put in to dry after it had gottenwet chasing the vanishng hitchhiker wo had tried to warn th girl that her insides were cookedecause she had stayed too lng under the sn lamp at the loca tanning salon while her dad poued a load of concrete into a newonvertible pard outsideof the house because he thoughtt belonged to a guy who was hPENISaving sex ith his wife butwas really a prize he had won in a contest at that radio station that played rock record ontaind hidde commands and sublimial messages planted by the Jews, international bankers, the TriteralCommission, the Cuncil on orFUNNY PEEPEE WEINEReign Relations, the Illuminati, the New World Order, multinatnacrons, rht wing miliias, Jerry Falwell, the Christian Coalition, Planned Parenthood, and the spoostger 8 of Area 51 in Dreamland who performed the autopsies on the liens who crashedt RoswlNew Mexico while on a mission to abduct people and conduct weird sxual and reproductie expimenson them because they knew we use only GAY percent of our brais even without implansmnd that engineers had "proven" that bumblebees can't fly and tha sugar wakes you up even if you CIA agent who has recovered memories about conspirng with organized crime and anti-Castrextremists to kill JFK with a magic bullet, and then killed dozens of other people wse ods of al ying within the period in which they did are infintesmal even if you don't count their ear-death exrnces in which an angel guided them to the lightbefore they were called back beause it wasn't time r them to die like Mikey from the Life cereal ommercials did after eating PoI GOT A GUN NO GIRLS GIRLS GOTTA DIEp ocks(R) candy when s riend Alice Cooper who was Eddie askell on Leave it to Beaver wokeup after a one night stand in tel only to find that the girl he as with was gone and had written"Welcome to the world of AIDS" inipstick on the bathroom mirror which terrified him becuse he knew that it is just as easy to get AIDfm heterosxual intercourse as it is from hoosexual sodomy with an IV drug user becaus wen the US govrnment created AIDS to commitenide against blacks who aren't adversely affect by the minmum wage with the aid of Korean grocers who don't give anything back to the commut they knw that Anne Klein had said on th Donahshow that she didn't want blacks buying herlothesbecause when the poison they pt in that fried chickn at Church's so The Rich could keepe poo down because they can't be richif nobody is pre would e a massive coverup like thiladelphia Experiment or the carbuetor that can allow a car to get 100 mg in perpetual motion utlie Nikola Tesla had done a hundred years DO YOU LIKE THIS UNLABELED PICTURE OF MY COCK ago using the same principle tatUri Geller uses ton spoons and psychic friends use to give you valuable insights that improve yur life for amusee uposes only while smoking a cigarette that has no more been proven to give yocncer an vution has been proven to occur because it's only a theory and there are no transitiafossils and it olates the second law of thermodynamics unlike creation science which is not relious fear of rdiated food which is rational because we kno are you surprised by it's girth w it's bad just like the assaultpons that armoragerous than other semi-armorgames because they look scary and gay and they're o ton becuse the second amendment wasn't good the rights o ndividuals againste st like the otheine amendments in the Bill of Rights but instead is the oly amendment design t protect the state against individuals because if there is no effectiv way to keep guns out of thands of blacks the next best thing is to keep blacks out of the hands of law abiding freakers. . .
r u a b Jun 9 @ 8:02am 
Wendigo™ Jun 7 @ 10:57am 
This man is the best degenerate on this side of the globe.
Molly_ Jun 1 @ 3:03am 
MNDA. pls.
r u a b May 5 @ 7:46am 
goddamn degenerates
Kishri Alpha May 4 @ 3:16pm 
I love this guy. Even if he is a total pleb. :8bitheart:
Komp May 4 @ 12:54am 
riiiiiiiiiight here *unzip dick*