Sicilia, Italy
:hamburger: slayer

UGC 9v9 S21 Steel
UGC 9v9 S22 Silver 4th place
UGC 9v9 S23 Platinum 2nd place
UGC 9v9 S24 Platinum 4th place
UGC 9v9 S25 Platinum 2nd place
UGC 6v6 S18 Steel
UGC 6v6 S22 Steel
UGC 6v6 S24 Platinum
UGC 6v6 S25 Platinum 4th place
UGC 6v6 S26 Platinum 3rd place
UGC 6v6 S27 Platinum 2nd place
UGC 4v4 S11 Gold 6th place
UGC 4v4 S12 Gold 2nd place
UGC 4v4 S13 Gold 3rd place
UGC 4v4 S14 Gold 1st place
ESEA 6v6 S28 Open 1st place
ESEA 6v6 S29 Intermediate
ETF2L 9v9 S13 Mid
ETF2L 9v9 S14 High 3rd place
ETF2L 9v9 S15 Premiership 3rd place
ETF2L 9v9 S16 Premiership 5th place
ETF2L 6v6 S27 High
ETF2L 6v6 S28 Mid
ETF2L 6v6 S29 Low
ETF2L 6v6 S30 Div 2 3rd place
FLAN 9v9 2018 1st place
TFCL 2v2 S2
TFCL 2v2 S3 4th place
TFCL 2v2 S4 4th place
TFCL 2v2 S5 5th place
TFCL 2v2 One Day Cup 4th place
TFCL 9v9 S1 1st place
TFCL 9v9 S2 1st place
TFCL 6v6 S2 3rd place
TFCL 6v6 S3 1st place
RGL 7v7 S1 Competitive Low 4th place
RGL 7v7 S2 Competitive High 5th place
RGL 7v7 S3 Invite 2nd place
RGL 7v7 S4 Invite 3rd place
RGL 7v7 One Day Cup #1 Div 1 1st place
RGL 7v7 One Day Cup #2 Div 1 1st place
RGL 7v7 One Day Cup #3 Div 1 1st place
RSP 6v6 S3 Pan 2nd place
RSP 6v6 S4 Pan 2nd place
GIO 6v6 S1 1st place
HTF 9v9 S1 1st place
HFR 9v9 2017 Charity Showmatch 1st place
HFR 2v2 2017 Charity Showmatch 2nd place
HFR 7v7 2017 Charity Showmatch 3rd place


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