Borat Abouda
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Known as the Lawman on Arma 2 community & known as the R*pe Lord on skype.

Adding on steam/Snap : I don't give 1 turd about you until you tell me "Come to my community"
Adding on Facebook : Mature, trust & emotions
Adding on Skype : No problemo, i'm not afraid of Ip resolver's

Skype : abouda.mohamed
Steam :
Snapchat : med.abouda

2015 Facts : Will be 19 yo in march, I'm a Second Yr student in International Trade, I begin my career as a Military cadet at 11 yo until now I still continue having International training & interns WorldWide, hub is at Munich,DE. Chubby lately due to a last trip to SA, where there was a lot of freaking food & beer, I wear glasses, Got 3 English accents, I like to get drunk & get my self banned on games, like to have video chats, and I like smelling underage anus's (Yes I do, they call me the gaylord/Lawman virtually ofc lol)
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If I am offline, PLEASE comment to let me know why you're adding me so that I know how to help you when I come online!

I will not be bothered by any friend requests as long as you say why you're adding me!
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