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| P-R-O-L-O-G-U-E |
- The Introduction -
So I have been playing Hogs Of War ever since I was young, almost near to the time the game was first released on PlayStation 1. But it wasn't until my teen years that I really took the game to a whole new level.
Spanning from my early days, I've been playing Hogs Of War to a borderline semi-pro/competitive standard.

But, much like with everything in the gaming world, there is a catch; I like to perform trickshots in Hogs Of War and create montages on the internet, for the world to enjoy and devour. I have been trickshotting ever since 2018, and I used to advertise this heavily and take pride in it.

To give you an example of how much I play this game, I have listed my playtime achievements below.
This is mainly for the PC version however. That said, I do play both the PlayStation 1 and PC versions of this game, pretty regularly.

- The Hogs Of War Playtime Progress Stats -
100 Hours - 30.09.2017
200 Hours - 05.03.2018
250 Hours - 04.05.2018
300 Hours - 12.07.2018
400 Hours - 09.11.2018
500 Hours - 28.12.2018
600 Hours - 11.02.2019
700 Hours - 24.03.2019
750 Hours - 01.04.2019
800 Hours - 08.04.2019
900 Hours - 06.05.2019
1,000 Hours - 19.05.2019
1,200 Hours - 04.07.2019
1,400 Hours - 17.12.2019
1,500 Hours - 05.01.2020
1,600 Hours - 21.01.2020
1,800 Hours - 18.04.2020
2,000 Hours - 06.05.2020
2,250 Hours - 28.05.2020
2,500 Hours - 23.06.2020
2,750 Hours - 22.10.2020
3,000 Hours - 21.11.2020
3,250 Hours - 07.01.2021
3,500 Hours - 16.02.2021
3,750 Hours - 11.03.2021
4,000 Hours - 05.04.2021
4,250 Hours - 13.05.2021
4,500 Hours - 25.07.2021
4,750 Hours - 28.08.2021
5,000 Hours - 25.09.2021
5,500 Hours - 22.03.2022
6,000 Hours - 14.07.2022
6,500 Hours - 08.02.2023
7,000 Hours - 13.04.2023
7,500 Hours - 15.06.2023
8,000 Hours - 30.07.2023
8,500 Hours - 10.10.2023
9,000 Hours - 25.11.2023
9,500 Hours - 31.01.2024
10,000 Hours - 11.03.2024
11,000 Hours - 30.05.2024
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Here is another shot of the Legend Rank as seen in the final level. This Legend however is a Team Lard Legend!
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10,000 Hours Later (Hogs Of War Trickshot Frag Movie)
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Hogs Of War - Double Tranquiliser Trickshot Hit
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Created by - Bobby
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Hello everyone. As a voluminous Hogs Of War fan, I've noticed that Hogs Of War on PC is wavering in terms of guides and tutorials to help set up the game for Windows 10. As someone who has nearly 10,000 hours in Hogs Of War, I wanted to present a finding I
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11,592 Hours played
To put it simply, this game is my childhood nanny!

I absolutely loved this game on the PlayStation 1 when it came out!
This game is very similar to that but with a few alterations that might throw off the player; A.I. not moving, music bugging out every now and then. That being said, the AI on the PC can be at times, more often than not, smarter than the PlayStation 1 version. However I play the PC and PS1 ports regardless and I enjoy comparing the two as I play them.
And I think that if you enjoyed modern turn based tactic games like Worms Clan Wars then I reckon you'll have a great time with this!

I really enjoy the comedic styles of acting pulled off by the voice actors, Rik Mayall and Marc Silk! Unfortunately Rik is no longer with us but I reckon this would do him proud, seeing how Hogs Of War is on Steam!

Something you can do, if you're a genius at coding, is modify the game files and create your own unique gameplay scenarios. From levels, classes, inventories, palettes and much more. So if you're a coder definitely give it a look into - you never know what you can change, to make the gameplay fit you.

One thing I would like to ask Steam to do in the near future though is if we could get the national regional copies for this game for the people outside of the UK and USA (e.g. Les Cochons De Guerre for France, Frontschweine for Germany and Marranos En Guerra for Spain).

Other than that, thank you Steam for releasing this little gem. I shall cherish it forever!
| E-P-I-L-O-G-U-E |
- Questions & Answers -

How Long Have You Been In The Hogs Of War Community?
So, I have been Hogs Of War semi-professionally on YouTube since 2009, back when life was more carefree, so to speak. Of course, back then I went under multiple gaming aliases. But it wasn't until February 2018 that I decided to take Hogs Of War to a new level and create a new genre of Hogs Of War content. I decided to create a niche, which I have been continuing to create for 6 years - trickshotting!

How Long Have You Been Trickshotting In The Hogs Of War Community?
I've often said that I had started this back in February 2018. However this would be for the first ever video recorded/formatted trickshot. Moreover there is a trickshot that predates that, so I'd say no earlier than December 2017 if you were to take the very first trickshot I ever did into account.

Which Version Of Hogs Of War Do You Prefer And Why? PlayStation Or PC?
Well, well, well... it's no secret the communities I'm surrounded in have recently noticed a huge influx of me playing Hogs Of War, over the past 2 years at least. This is mainly said for the PC version, markedly more than the PlayStation version. However, I will just say that each of which do have their own positive and negative turning points. Which, combined make me play both. I have no real preference over which one I like more. But if I were judging this based on a playtime to enjoyment ratio alone, then it would have to be the PC version. Naturally, because it's where I first founded my craft. And they say you never forget your first!

What's Your Favourite Trickshot?
I often try to focus on making the impossible possible, as it were. My two personal favourite trickshots are the Double Sniper Rifle Hit Trickshot and the Rifle Burst Trickshot, for PSX and PC respectively (both of which are showcased on my Steam page). Those two were absolute godsends when I had succeeded in performing them, proving to make the improbable happen and showing that anything can be done.

Do You Do Anything Else In Hogs Of War, Outside Of Trickshotting?
Why, yes. And I hope to continue to do so. On my Steam page, there is a 100% Walkthrough of one of the hardest mods of PC Hogs. Eventually, I hope to retreat that series, as well as create some new walkthroughs for the main game itself. I also hope to be bringing some "Informative Hogs Content Videos" to the channel in the future too. You can check out my channel to see the trickshotting content (link in the box at the top of my page). And, as mentioned, I will be looking to bring some new videos into the mix too. So if you like the sound of that, then go ahead and follow me for the very latest! Links are up the top!

- Final Words -

To quote the 1970's/1980's US motivational speaker, Earl Nightingale:
"No matter what your goal may be, perhaps the road to it can be found in the very thing in which you're now engaged."
That is a big quote that I discovered recently and I think it fits my journey as a Hogs Of War player. Once starting out small, and now attempting to broaden the horizons, the possibilities are limitless.
So, bottom line - if you have a hobby that you'd like to turn into passion then go in with a calculated mind, and a stomach of iron to boost. And you'll be able to do anything!

But until we meet again, take care!
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Thanks Tapper! Noticed i had a lot of USSR themed stuff so i decided i might as well go for a full “soviet red” theme, glad you like it! Yea everything is going well so far just started a new job so been busting my ass! Hope everything is going good for you too!
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