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I don't accept random friend requests, please comment before you add me.

signed items = 1 key + giftwrap or giftapult
trade offer (please provide a return trade offer link in the trade comments)
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noh May 14 @ 7:14am 
Added to sign something.
i hear henry May 12 @ 1:36am 
added to sign :D
jacob May 10 @ 2:02pm 
my dad!!!
FaZe memey memey May 1 @ 2:50pm 
how to get good at sniper?
StaCky | TF2Mid.cz May 1 @ 9:53am 
i know its weird but i missclicked the "add friend" button so dont mind me
samii | EF2L.org Apr 29 @ 4:08am