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Posted: Nov 26, 2023 @ 7:07pm

the story is as generic as it gets and the gameplay gets boring. i wish there was a reason to even bother exploring planets and building outposts. everything is fun until you do it once, then it's all a repeating, soulless chore.
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Developer response:
Bethesda_Kraken  [developer] Posted: Nov 27, 2023 @ 8:06am

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Starfield!

You can fly, you can shoot, you can mine, you can loot!
Starfield is an RPG with hundreds of hours of quests to complete and characters to meet. Most quests will also vary on your character’s skills and decisions, massively changing the outcome of your playthrough. Try creating different characters with backgrounds and characteristics that clash or are oppositive of your previous character. You will feel like you are playing a totally different game. Put points in different skills from a character you’ve previously created, and you are now faced with completely different decisions to make and difficulties to encounter.

There are so many layers to Starfield, that you will find things you’ve never knew were possible after playing for hundreds of hours.

Even after completing the Main Story, your adventure doesn’t end! You can continue onto New Game+ to keep exploring Starfield and all that is out there!

Never stop exploring!
Bethesda Customer Support
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Sad Potato Dec 27, 2023 @ 11:54am 
between this and the fo76 essay request to cheaters how can someone buy anything from this people XD
(Assorted Noises) Dec 26, 2023 @ 7:45pm 
I'm just gonna hop in here and echo everyone else in saying that the dev's comment reads like it came off a set of prompt cards. No request for more detailed feedback, no interest in what was said. Absolutely pathetic, and shameful.
Baker. Dec 26, 2023 @ 12:45pm 
I had ChatGPT respond to this review:

Dear [Reviewer],

The story in Starfield is layered with intricate narratives, unique characters, and a rich lore that becomes more apparent as you delve deeper into the game. Our goal is to craft a story that caters to different play styles and encourages players to explore the narrative at their own pace.
Each planet you visit in Starfield has its own ecosystem, mysteries, and challenges, offering a new experience every time. Building outposts is not just about construction; it's about creating a presence in a vast universe and interacting with the world in a meaningful way.
The universe of Starfield is vast and filled with diverse content, aiming to provide a fresh experience with each play session.
We encourage players to experiment with different play styles, engage with the community, and explore the countless possibilities Starfield offers.
Illasera Dec 26, 2023 @ 6:06am 
SIR??? SIRRRRR, have you tried shooting and flying sir?!

We are currently working on a DLC that will allow you to RUN as well.
All we need for you to unlock the DLC is go to target and buy 500 dollars google play card.
james Dec 25, 2023 @ 1:27am 
Sorry you didn't enjoy our terrible game! By any chance, have you tried enjoying the game?
manilla Dec 24, 2023 @ 4:11pm 
The dev says you're wrong, bro. They said you actually liked it.
star strike Dec 19, 2023 @ 9:36am 
oh my goooood these developer responses are so FUCKING CRIIIIIIIIINGE
DoyleDeth Dec 15, 2023 @ 7:02am 
You need to get with the times, Bethesda. "Upgrading" one of the worst engines over and over to no success. Still 1000s of bugs in every game. Really old formulas being used for the game without many RPG elements. You refuse to evolve. Your engine feels like it's been out since 1920.
Measles Dec 10, 2023 @ 4:10am 
The only layers that could describe Starfield are the layers of Hell. Nothing will surprise you at hour 1, 10, or 1000 except how bad the game is.
Roy Calbeck Dec 6, 2023 @ 8:58am 
"You can fly, you can shoot, you can mine, you can loot!"

I can do all that in dozens of other space-related games at a fraction of the price. Most of them also have better stories and more content.