i love church of emacs and free software and libreboot and 1984 and american psycho i hate three letter agencies hit me up if u agree
damien.jones2004 Jun 11 @ 8:39pm 
mike fungus Jun 11 @ 8:22pm 
im mike fungus
pwnage2dmax Jun 1 @ 7:27am 
i could do this vampire writer thing forever, its almost like we are magnetically competeing to have use of our elfen diatribe machiner of the higher linguistic aperture labias in our brain yeah my 4th eye is made of crack cocaine which is smoking some kloud pumping up the call center volume of cellular telephony convention gunslinger way of the gun romeo and juleit i have been to heaven it has a 30 foot tall black guy inside of it and his name is ra aten and you are him and you can see inside the light it is enfolding heaven ecstawy purfect love
damien.jones2004 May 31 @ 10:28pm 
pwnage2dmax May 30 @ 4:04am 
you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ suck
#1 nobara fan May 18 @ 10:14pm