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Due to the overwhelming number of invites I receive regarding weapon signing I am currently only signing weapons for Twitch subscribers and donators ($2 or more, or 1 key per item, you must provide the materials). Please send me a trade offer with your items and any necessary details to confirm your donation/subscription as well as a return trade offer link to accelerate the process. You must also UNEQUIP the item you want signed or else Steam will give me a trade error.

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5tone_10 15 minutes ago 
+rep pro
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Bulleteater Jun 9 @ 10:00pm 
the real stoogepost guy?
Crazyhalo Jun 9 @ 9:56pm 
Good stuff
Brick (brickiest) Jun 9 @ 9:32pm 
HEY I WAS IN A GAME WITH YOU! can you add me?!
ΧΣΝØS Jun 6 @ 4:35pm 
🧚‍♂️┌──── ·⚡。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚⚡. ────┐🧚‍♂️
💖💝 +Rep.Friendly guy!!! 💖💝
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