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Part I
One day lived a man whose name shall not be known. He journeyed throughout the lands of gaming for years on end looking for fun and happiness. In his travels, he explored various nations such as the Browser Empire, the Mobile Union, and the PlayStation Republic. As time passed, he settled down and bought houses with experience in the lands he visited. One day, he finally decided to try visiting the Steam Kingdom. Although he initially built a small, unremarkable house there, he eventually realized that this Kingdom should be his main home, as the lovely accepting people there welcomed him warmly. Hence, he resolved to focus his influence and strength in the Kingdom, moving into a larger mansion and starting anew.

Part II
Time passed and his old home fell into neglect. While at first he spent some time to himself, he resolved to finally do something fun and meaningful. Thus, he started working on Anime no Sekai and Starguard's World of Anime, toiling day and night to breathe in some fresh air to the community. He met new people, became friends with them, and realized that the people he met had much history on them, dating back from a few to several years ago. He didn't want to pale in comparison so he thought of his old home, which has much history itself dating back to his first days in the Kingdom. He visited, wept, and resolved to bring it back to its feet.

Part III
Day and night he brought his old home back to prominence. With much investment and effort, it is now a large and well-decorated place, filled with extraordinary achievements and heroic stories. While the value of its history might still not be grand, it is enough for him to start shifting operations back to this home as it grows larger and larger. Finally, he made his decision. He intends to make his old home his main one while still sticking around his newer mansion from time to time, always dedicating himself to doing good and great things.

His life continues from there on, building and striving towards a better future.

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Queen of the Kingdom of Aurora, Chancellor of the Star Empire, Countess of Lionmarck, and wife to the Emperor. PC gaming since 2009, mobile since 2011, PlayStation since 2012, NationStates since 2015, and Steam since 2018.

Favorite Gun: AN-94 and AK-12
Favorites of mine ever since I played Battlefield 4.

Favorite Waifu: Sword Maiden
I relate to her since we both have eye problems (though I'm not blind like her).

Favorite Anime: Violet Evergarden
Most emotionally touching anime I've ever watched.

Favorite Game: Trails of Cold Steel series
Best JRPGs ever.

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I am not obligated to disclose why I rejected your friend request. If I think you look edgy with unwise intentions then I reserve the right to not reply. More info on that in my info box.

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Best girl.
I'm just an ordinary gamer who happens to like anime and also does some community leading here and there, mostly stuff related to my mods. My life philosophy is basically having fun while also achieving stuff which one can be proud of. I might be boring during conversations sometimes but in reality, I still like you and respect you for who you are.

If you wish to befriend me, see below:

𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱 𝗥𝗲𝗾𝘂𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘀
Although I usually accept friend requests from randoms, I highly prefer that you leave a comment below so that I know why you added me. I don't accept private profiles and edgy-looking profiles. This might sound harsh but these days, you never know who's intent on what. In the end however, I'd still encourage you to send a friend request to me nevertheless and see if I accept. If you had a VAC Ban, I won't mind since I don't care about your past but if it seems way too frequent, this is also grounds for rejection.

Don't randomly invite me to play either. Chances are I won't accept it. And if you get the chance to play with me sometime, don't be toxic. Teamwork is the basis of trust and the better experience I have playing with you, the better I know you. Also don't try to talk to me all day long, I also want to play by myself sometimes.

Last and most importantly, I hardly trade. Neither do I accept Paypal transactions nor empty trades where you promise me to give the stuff later. I don't take chances, it has to be on spot and immediate. If you think you can scam and terrify me you are wrong.

Now this might seem strict but in the end, if you have an okay-looking profile at least and if you seem friendly, go ahead and befriend me! I'll get to you as soon as possible!

Have a nice day,

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A new era dawns, a world of anime unveiled

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Now compatible with 1.10!

Anime no Sekai is the largest anime mod currently made for a strategy game, with over 20.000 subscribers! This mod not o
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Created by - Starguard and Aurora
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Nefer best girl 100/10

Anyways, the game as a visual novel is really good. The characters, the story, and so on. I see the game more as a personality test since you decide things based on what you would do (if you play it seriously) and that is what makes the game fun.

The tank building part could be improved. Other than that nothing else really.
I really hope that a sequel or a continuation is in the works. Play the game yourself and you'll understand why ;)
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Created by - Aevoa and 십구
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Have a nice day.

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