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nymphen Nov 22 @ 4:58am 
KEN-DA-MA !!!! :2015coal:
ZyoZyo Pintam Sep 17 @ 1:57am 
Thank god i can't wait also....i really really love Grey btw you really captured the moment of paranoia with that still trying to get through it but gosh...creepersville im sort of to scared to go on since my ammo is scarce and my health
Ashkandi Sep 17 @ 1:40am 
No, we still working on it. We working on the animations of the enemies now. The game is a pretty good state though, we will write a news about it soon.
ZyoZyo Pintam Sep 17 @ 12:07am 
or is Remorse:The List permanently gone forever....sorry i ask you maybe have had this question asked alot looked really there any plans for revival ? like i said i wasn't joking when i said it is Greenlit
ZyoZyo Pintam Sep 16 @ 4:22pm 
Is there any chance of Remorse still being playable ?
Gonzo Aug 19 @ 3:49pm 
Hi Ashkandi,

I'm a PR representative from Project Borealis. We run an initiative called Half-Life Heroes, where we stream mods shortlisted by us and then voted in order of preference by the community. Grey was shortlisted and so we'd like to invite you to co-host on the stream and talk about your mod. If you're interested, add me on steam or on Discord at Kralich#0901 for more info.