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Weekly Poem

Idolize the man
Who through follies falters, fades.
He daily puts on masks
In his perilous parade
But when the day is ended
And his dear disguise departs
Yet awaits another cloak:
A cavalcade of counterparts!

One can start to wonder
If he’s real or recompense,
For those whose expectations
Hold his penitent pretense.
Where all is fine and dandy
In his banal balance act
As long as he conforms
To this self-afflicted act.

The saddest fact, my friends
Is this wasn’t always thus;
He used to find enjoyment
In the bustle and the fuss.
But original is trying,
Worse as meager and mundane
Better rich and unrepentant,
Miserable in fortune famed!
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Anub‽ May 26 @ 8:34am 
PLEASE remove this! If my mommy thinks I'm worshipping the minecraft cube again she will take away my computer!!!!!
Swishers May 26 @ 6:28am 
If you believe in Allah put this on 5 steam profile. Don't just ignore this because it says in the Quran if you deny him, he will deny you in front of his son in the gates of paradise. This is the simplest test. If you love Allah and you are not ashamed of it, copy and paste it on 5 steam profiles.
Anub‽ Mar 13 @ 4:18pm 
Swishers Mar 13 @ 3:15pm 
-rep i wish i had possession of your address. i found a big rock today that looks like it would be perfect to bash your head in with. i hate you. i hate you and so do the rocks. they speak to me. they hate you. me and the rocks and your brain. we hate you.
ThySirBlue Feb 14 @ 1:29pm 
Something something valentines day
tim Jan 23 @ 7:16pm 
+/-rep is/isnt brown/white/poor/rich/smart/dumb/ugly/attractive (choose your own adventure comment!!!)