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Mar 30 @ 7:51am
In topic SteamInput: Overlay: Touch-/Radial-Menus

Even when launching Steam with "-forcecontrollerappid [APP_ID]"
if switching applications, the touch-/radial-menus as well as controller overlay (and more?) don't work anymore.

This issue greatly removes use of said option dor game developers (as well as breaking GloSC, which is many times reffered as an essential tool by the SteamController community)


- Launch Steam with "-forcecontrollerappid [APP_ID]" (alternativly launch any GloSC shortcut :P...)
- Turn on / Plug in a controller
- Configure bindings for game with [APP_ID] to have touch-/radial-menus
- Launch game
- Switch applications
- Try to use touch-/radial-menus


Nov 12, 2017 @ 10:31am
In topic [Feature Request] Touch-Menus in Desktop-Mode
As you may or may not already know:
This can be done using GloSC
I am the author of it...
Controller emulation (Systemwide controller) currently only works on Windows 10
This is currebtly is a restriction of ViGEm, the virtual gamepad emulation driver

If you are fine with only KB/M bindings working and the desktop overlay, go ahead and have fun on Win7+
Originally posted by MartyWF:
Alia5, are you saying that you mean that programs need to be run windowed to work right with this app??:steamhappy:

To get the overlay, which also renders touch menus and stuff btw.
Controller still works fine though!

Originally posted by Daws:
1) I know the game do not run foreground, not a big deal, but it also not run fullscreen, I've also to switch with alt-enter. It would be better to have an option to run the app fullscreen.
I'm aware that in full screen you can't see the overlay, but it's not a big issue: if I have to check something, alt-tab is the way.

2) do this works with more than one controller?

1) Launching UWP in foreground / fullscreen without Steam switching to desktop config, is problematic, already said that. Haven't had time to look at it closer.

2) It should, but I don't have 2 SCs on hand so you really have to see for yourself.
However, you can plug in a real X360 controller and then use the SC as a second one (but not the other way around)
There will be some more improvements to multi-controller stuff when the next version of ViGEm comes out, but ViGEm is not a project of mine and so it is not in my hands.
Action sets should work fine, didn't test, but steam recognizes this as a non-Steam-Game
So everything that works in games, now should work on the Desktop and/or any application not launched through Steam.

There are some programs though which cause problems (Kodi, but 21 Nov beta seemed to fix this)
IF you switch to Desktop-config, almost all of the time you can get back to you bindings,though, by turning the overlay on and off again, via the Steam button on the Controller
Originally posted by ExistentialEgg:
EDIT: Got it. SHEESH! I was hitting the "Add to Steam" not realizing you had to "Save / Create" first so it kept telling me shortcut was added but it was adding nothing over and over.

Good point! Maybe it shouldn't tell you that it has created shortcuts if you don't have any

Originally posted by hulkenstrong:
This looks nice and has its place. I can't see how it would be useful for me right now. What I need is a standalone program to quickly swap desktop bindings around or to force Xinput without the need to launch an application trough steam. If I need to launch it trough steam then it already works fine for me. This obviously will be great to keep in mind for that application that won't play nice when launched trough steam or steams overlay.

As I've said, there is no magical way to do this without completely ditching steam and writing a custom driver. Personally I'm not gonna do that, launching something through Steam is fine for me, especially since it can just run in the background the whole day.

Such thing however does exist on Linux, just nobody ported it to Windows, yet.
A "GloSC shortcut" (or more technically speaking, target / instance) doesn't have to launch a game or program or anything

It's just an application that Steam can target and to inject it's overlay and controllerstuff, and for you to get an extra, seperate, binding.

There is no magical way to get any SC functionality without launching something through Steam. (except to ditch Steam completely and writing a custom driver)

For instance:
You can create a single GloSC shortcut/target, and give that one general XInput mapping -> launch that via Steam (no game gets additionally launched or anything)

Now you can launch anything (outside of Steam) and the controller will work perfectly fine for any application outside of steam, as you now have a "real" Xbox360 controller connected, for as long as this one "shortcut" is running

Multiple shortcuts, as well as those shortcuts launching games is just there for user convinience and getting multiple bindings.

Also no, it doesn't do anything to your current shortcuts, it just adds new (but you can also do this manually, if you want)
And even if it would delete some of your shortcuts, if you add them to Steam again, your configs will stay.

And it really is no problem if you, or anyone, asks silly questions, it all helps me to be able to better describe what this application exactly is

Edit: maybe you should check out the initial proof of concept to get a better understanding:
It is meant to fix some of the Issues the SC has, and probably won't get fixed from Valve (as they removed some options from desktop-configs recently)

- Touch-/Radial menus on the desktop
- Getting the SC to work as a systemwide Xbox360 controller

It is not needed to launch any game with it.
It is also not primarily meant for UWP, thats just an added bonus!

Basically how this works:

-> You create an entry in the main GloSC application and add that to steam (with or without launching anything)

-> You set up your controller bindings (incl. XOuput bindings and/or touch- or radialmenus)

-> Start said shortcut from GloSC via Steam --> Your SC gets recognized as an XBox360 controller by windows + you do get the ControllerOverlay for touch- or menus as a borderless-window overlay (Meaning the overlay won't work above fullscreen applications, the controller still does work finde, though!)

-> Play around with anything that is not launched via steam and / or enjoy touch menus on the desktop


All of this allows you to your SCs touch menus for things like photoshop as a hotkey machine, play origin, or uwp games because the controller gets recognized as an Xbox360 controller by windows; and probably some other use cases I might not think about right now.
But I'm repeating myself

So yeah, this gives you XInput bindings for things launched outside of Steam, as long as you launch any GloSC shortcut with XInput bindings configured

Edit: It is also prefectly anti-cheat friendly as this application doesn't hook or inject into anything!
I've just toyed around a bit with the latest client beta update (Nov 21)

So far it seems we even stay in shortcut bindings when launching from big picture and even Kodi does work flawlessly!

Can anyone confirm or deny?
We now also have a Steam group for you to get help with any issues and report bugs

Also added was a little FAQ/Troubleshooting section on the download page as well as in the Steam group
Nope, works without running through GloSC just fine.
A GloSC shortcut has to be started through Steam nonetheless.

Don't really know what happens if you run a GloSC shortcut and then start something else from Steam.

Check the reddit thread and the videos I've posted there.

I've just discovered though that steam big picture and / or kodi cause some major issues for staying in shortcut bindings

Also, Valve has removed XInput options as well as touch- and radialmenus for desktop-configs in recent client betas.

I really do not believe they would have implemented anything like this.
That's why I've gone ahead and developed this thing.
Planning on writing a Guide, though I'm not too good at that kind of stuff
Nov 20, 2016 @ 1:16am
In topic FIFA 17
Also check out the reddit thread:
Nov 19, 2016 @ 11:26pm
In topic Gears of war UE+ Steam controller.
Nov 19, 2016 @ 11:25pm
In topic Steam Controller with Windows Store games
Nov 19, 2016 @ 11:23pm
In topic Gears of War Ultimate Edition help
So I've developed this little application here, which brings you systemwide XInput bindings and a systemwide (borderless window) Controller overlay.

All complete with **per application bindings** and **working rumble emulation**

GloSC can also launch any of your favorite games and applications and automatically add shortcuts to Steam, be it Win32 or even UWP!

The new best and easiest way (at the time of writing) to make the SteamController work with any Game that might has trouble with Steam, including UWP games.

Learn more here:

We now have a Steam-Group where you can find help an report bugs!

Edit: Steam big picture as well as Kodi cause some major issues for staying in shortcut bindings

Edit2: I've just toyed around a bit with the latest client beta update (Nov 21)

So far it seems we stay in shortcut bindings even if launching from big picture and even Kodi does seem to work flawlessly!

Can anyone confirm or deny?
Aug 19, 2016 @ 3:01pm
In topic stuck and annoyed
Buy trading software mk2 for that hauler -> open command console of that hauler -> set homebase to your station you want to be filled -> issue trade command "Buy to best price" -> select crystals
Official? I doubt it... since certain sounds cause problems with the controller... and inofficially it always will remain some kind of gimmick i'm afraid
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