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Guys, maybe if you would've played more than 20 hours per 2 weeks, you'd actually be better and improve like Wiz does. I like how the players in prem division don't improve at all, playing the same as they played a couple seasons ago (talking about invidual skill). Almost no one imrproved that strong as Wizat did. Do any of you play as much as Wizat does? Does any of you play on only specific sniper maps and only as a sniper to become better? Why would you decided if a person is hacking by 1 lagging demo? Are you braindead? I can't even explain more circlejerk community than etf2l admins. You guys involve Quintosh into this ♥♥♥♥, who HASN'T BEEN AN ADMIN FOR ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 5-7 YEARS. Why is he responsible for banning a person? I don't give a ♥♥♥♥ about who says he's hacker or not. Clark? Wow, guy is ready to sell his balls to get another 1st prem place? What a nice opinion by the man who just wins without any punishment. Then here comes actually a good sniper main playing this game 24/7 only as the class he mains, and a couple of ♥♥♥♥ start complaining. You guys act so bad. People thought Odin was a hacker, because he played this game 24/7 unlike all of you. Same goes with nubbi, guy who improved from open into high/prem for such a short period of time. Wizat has been playing this game for so long, why would he cheat?

I asked Wiz about the video where he had been in voice with a hacker:
yeah i know it looks really bad on me
I never knew this dude was cheating and when he admitted it to me I stopped talking to him, not that i dont know cheaters either
but this is a classic example of knowing someone who got caught by police and somehow you are involved in it
because you are there

Let's talk more about etf2l policy. Aleskee's team Torpedo got put into div1 having 5 or even more prem players on main classes. No one said anything. They didn't even get put in prem quals? Don't you think there's something wrong? Same goes with Quintosh. Why is he responsible if he is not an admin? If "admins" on etf2l mean so much, even former, so let's talk about porky's stream.
First of all, his stream reviewing wizat's demo. I've rewatched the demo myself. There were a couple times when the crosshair was triggering up and down. With porky's cfg there was no fire, while on my demo with better gfx cfg actually was one. Second of all, there wasn't even reviewing, there were some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ laughing at a person killing someone. He misses: no one talks. He hits: hahaha what a shot, hahahaha, hacks,hahaha. And AlesKee, Cronk and Detoed support porky and laugh at it with him. They ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ threw wiz under the bus and exploited drama for twitch followers. Is it the behaviour of the admins you want to see reviewing real case? Then good, it's your choice. Quintosh "not being an admin" does decision of banning a player and AlesKee and porky "not being the admins" go div1 with 5 prem players on main classes. Coincidence?

♥♥♥♥ this league.
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this kid throws after stealing my boost and I post "wow" once xD Decides to bump me for the full 5 minutes of game play. calls me toxic and does not FF. I've never played a match so bad in my life. He tried to throw the game for the opposite team and even then couldn't score a damn goal! This is what Rocket League has become. A hateful and ungrateful community that are probably spoiled by mummy and daddy at home.

This kid needs to grow up. Put down the game and go make some friends IRL. Get out of the house mate. If you're pissed off at the world... Don't take it out on people just playing some RL in their down time.

I couldn't imagine raising a spoiled little child like this and they are truly an embarrassment to the RL community.

--------------------------------- REP I couldn't put anymore Minus' but there you go. A TRUE review of a horrible human being. Good Luck playing with this tool.
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