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Jul 16 @ 12:21pm
In topic PLEASE, Capcom, don't use Denuvo
*poof* gone from wishlist :)
The game is playable with a GTX 970 at maximum settings. Just some areas, especially forests, that are more demanding and can make the GPU reach 100%, but it's not constant. Yeah, the issue with the costumes menu still is not fixed, so avoid opening it while exploring any dungeon. Change the costumes in the Town or World Map.
They also increased 88% the price in Russia and 85% in Brazil, not as bad as in Turkey but still very unfair.
Increasing the price 2X in some regions (Brazil, Russia,Turkey) was a really scumbag move, THQ Nordic. It's been a tendency with your latest releases.
Jun 13 @ 7:01pm
In topic Does this game still have the DRM?
Yes, Bamco has since long abandoned this game, last update was on February 2017. Most likely they'll never remove the useless drm in this game on Steam.
Jun 10 @ 3:26pm
In topic Now part of MS....
Goodbye, dear Ninja Theory.
Jun 6 @ 7:03am
In topic Freeze for each kill
Let's try contacting D3 and report this issue: steam_support[at]
Jun 5 @ 6:36pm
In topic How's the performance?
GTX970 , i5 3.3 GHz and 8GB RAM. The game plays fine, but it's kind of demanding in certain occasions, especially when zooming and shooting several zombies at the same time, where the GPU usage can reach 100%, occasioning some frame drops.

EDIT: Definitely there is also some weird stuttering when shooting zombies, not related to the GPU load.
Jun 5 @ 7:49am
In topic Bullet Girls Series
That would be very much appreciated.
Jun 2 @ 4:28pm
In topic will buy
A serious revision of the English script would also be appreciated.
May 30 @ 4:14pm
In topic What was this uipdate?
Indeed! That is also a great improvement, thanks Sara!
May 30 @ 3:28pm
In topic What was this uipdate?
No, if you tried to launch them without the client running, they would automatically start it.
May 26 @ 1:05pm
In topic How do you save?
Hey, thanks for answering. I suffered from this same problem with The Gate of Firmament. Back in January I contacted Softstar, reporting the issue with both games, and they replied:



(Hello Dear players:

Thanks for writing, the current back-end unit has confirmed that this problem, debug and troubleshoot the next schedule will be updated as soon as possible after such repair, if any inconvenience, please forgive me pay more.)

In the "Chinese Paladin:Sword and Fairy 6" discussions I asked if the game had the same saving issue, and someone replied that it doesn't.

At least it seems they stopped doing that, but now they need to update their older games.
Razz told me that yes, valve has sent a notice and then another saying that they're gonna re-review it.
May 25 @ 5:50pm
In topic How do you save?
Was this ever fixed?
Originally posted by Cynthia:
Maidens of Michael will be coming to too, as well as Kindred Spirits
OMG, that's great news! I'll be getting all VNs on GOG! :feena::feena:
Well Valve, just prepare to lose some money from now on, since that's all you care nowadays, apparently.
May 18 @ 5:57am
In topic Devs? About Steam enforing policies.
I'm afraid it's just a matter of time...
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