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Machine Hearts Nov 15 @ 8:31pm 
Yuri sou seu fã de mais mlk, assina perfil por favor! sempre na torcida!
Seiffz 神 Nov 12 @ 8:36am 
Hi yuurih. I am ur young fan from South America. In my opinion you are one of the best players in CS for me. Everything is good in your playing, bro: Aim and movement is on the highest lvl. I am your big fan and if u have a free minute to sign my profile pls, i will be very-very happy, bro, because it is my dream, you for everything and good luck :steamhappy:
vINNY1 Nov 11 @ 8:04am 
Assina pra nós, seria uma enorme satisfação
Seiffz 神 Nov 10 @ 12:03pm 
Hi yuurihh! I know its irritating but I really like you and i would be really really happy if you sign my profile best of luck to you S2 You inspire me a lot in the way you play and if you sign it would make my day and I will remember your kindness :) :csgoct:
vsm 2.0 Nov 10 @ 5:39am 
assina meu perfil pfv
salve yuurihh se puder assinar meu perfil mt obg mesmo de coração